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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 3rd & 4th; Tonight has been pancakes!

The 3rd of March. Again, did not want to get up but did so as Angela was coming round at some point between nine and ten and I felt that I ought to be presentable.

She arrived at about quarter to ten, bearing gifts of wedding cake which I had a slice of at lunchtime and it was, as she warned me, very boozy and rich. It was tasty but I couldn't eat a bigger piece.

So we spent the morning watching Jeremy Kyle and This Morning, putting the world to rights and she told me a bit about her brother's wedding and how her training for the half marathon is going (she's running it for me/Anthony Nolan, go sponsor her here).

Her brother came to pick her up just after one, and I had some lunch of a ham omelette as my tummy was grumbly.

After lunch and an episode of Criminal Minds, Mommy went to see Grandma and I got my ukulele out and played a little. Had to remind myself of some chords but it wasn't too hard to pick back up. I'm still quite shit though.

Tonight I'm going to watch Mary Berry, then have a massive sleep. Well that's the plan.

The 4th of March.

Today has been really rather unproductive. I slept until half past nine, which was a joy, then I spent the morning watching tv and looking out of the window for the people who came to collect the Be Child Cancer Aware charity bag to see if they looked reputable. Well the van seemed clean and the guy who took the bag looked as reasonable as one can, when wearing a grey hoodie and jogging bottoms. I could not glean masses of information.

This afternoon was much the same, except without the staring out of the window and the addition of the washing of my hair and reading of Heat.

Tonight has been pancakes! Cheese and leek ones to start (the greengrocer's reaction when Mommy bought the leeks and mentioned savoury pancakes was "...Why?"), then I had one with just sugar, then one with chocolate spread, then one with sugar and lemon. I love pancakes so much. I remember two years ago I couldn't have any as I had my bile ducts reconstructed the day before Shrove Tuesday and I wasn't allowed to eat yet. So traumatic.

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The 5th & 6th; At least it's no worse.

The 1st & 2nd; Today was muchas driving and Betty's!