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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 1st & 2nd; Today was muchas driving and Betty's!

The 1st of March. Today was muchas driving and Betty's!

We set off at half nine-ish, and about fifty minutes into the journey, I realised that I'd forgotten my phone. I was made to feel even more of a dickhead (only by myself) because Mommy forgot hers yesterday so I made a point to her about remembering to take it with her as she was going shopping, then left mine behind. Dickhead.

So we drove to Harrogate, stopping at Woodall for coffee, and when we went in, the traffic was fine, but when we came out, it was awful! There had been a three-car accident just ahead so everyone had to slow down to go around it/stare. Becky got quite stressed with thinking we'd be late, so once we got through the traffic, she rang them and in the end, we were only about ten minutes late.

We arrived and did not join the queue, we just went in and up the stairs where they took our coats and we took our seats. Becky and I had a glass of champagne, while James looked around the room in awe. We chose our teas (I had the China Yunnan), then the tea and food arrived! There were four finger sandwiches of egg and cress, prawn and smoked salmon, ham and mustard and coronation chicken, then we had two mini sultana scones, then of the cakes, I had a chocolate salted caramel macaron and chocolate gateaux. They were perfectly delicious. We then bought some cakes and fat rascals (inevitably), then bimbled a bit around Harrogate. We saw many fun dogs.

Then we drove home! We stopped at Woodall again and I rang home to give them an idea of when I'd get home. Then we bombed home, blasting the Frozen soundtrack. Good day.











The 2nd of March.

Did not want to get up this morning but I felt like I'd slept as long as was socially acceptable. I got downstairs just as Mommy and Daddy were heading out to take Grandma to church. I made some toast and watched Sunday Brunch while I edited the photos that I took on Becky's phone yesterday. I also read the weekend Guardian that I didn't get chance to look at yesterday.

This afternoon, I ate some soup and watched Hostages (I do love its air of faint ridiculousness), then I watched a couple of medical documentaries I'd recorded on BBC4 - one about endocrinology and one about the foot. I preferred the one about the dissection of the hand - feet are just not as interesting to me. Plus they are somewhat unattractive.

We had an early dinner of roasted duck at half five, and now I'm half-watching Family Fortunes while doing this and contemplating what book I'm going to read next. I think The Goldfinch.


The 3rd & 4th; Tonight has been pancakes!

The 27th & 28th; I hate my brain.