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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 5th & 6th; At least it's no worse.

The 5th of March. Long day! But all in the name of fun. Pointless fun!

It was an early start - we left around twenty past nine to go to Elstree. The recording didn't start until half past twelve but we wanted to make sure we had ample time to stop and also find a car park space nearby.

Thankfully we did both. Once parked, we scarfed down our lunches and went round the corner and across the road to the studios. The queue outside was massive! We were quite surprised, considering the gates didn't open until 12.25 and we arrived at about five past. It was because they wanted to get in first to choose their seats, but even though we were numbers 171 and 172 in the queue, because I was in my wheelchair, we got to go in first! Advantages of being disabled.

We watched two shows, and it was really good! The "warm-up artiste", Finn, was very good at keeping us all entertained during resetting and the odd problem that the computers threw up. My favourite couple was Stuart and Mick, who I thought resembled a snowman and Dustin Hoffman, and there was a scandal that we've been sworn to secrecy about, and needless to say, we had a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Our way home was even amusing, after we missed out turning twice. We did eventually get home at twenty past eight, and I've got an early morning tomorrow. Tired.

The 6th of March.

Another early start! Up at half six to leave at eight for lung function test at nine. We were behind Dr. Haydon in the queue at Costa and so we had a catch-up; he was pleased to see that I've been behaving myself, and he bought my coffee! Bless him. He is my second favourite liver doctor (James is number 1, obviously).

I went in fairly quickly and I was with a good lady who I've had before. The people at the QE are so much nicer than the guys at Rotherham; they do not shout at me. We also had a chinwag in between tests about a variety of subjects, from frozen potato goods e.g. smiley faces and now hashtags apparently, along with Iceland (the country and the shop) and Easter eggs. I only had to do one test an extra time because I came off the machine early. Numpty. But I saw Dr. Thompson afterwards and everything's stable so that's good news. It's never going to improve but at least it's no worse.

We went and bought loads of different cat food on the way home because Oscar's being picky again. Then this afternoon, Anne-Marie came to flush my line, and Becky came over for a bit because she finished a course early.

And tonight Christine is home again! We're going to Crufts on Saturday and she'll work from home tomorrow. Big sleep tonight.

starbucksCoffee on the way to Elstree.


The 7th & 8th; I want a pug so much.

The 3rd & 4th; Tonight has been pancakes!