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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 10th & 11th; Best night of my life.

The 10th of November. I was honestly terrified that I was going to wake up in pain this morning. Every twinge I've had today has panicked me, and part of me doesn't really want to go to sleep tonight so I can monitor myself, but making myself tired will exacerbate illness.

But I woke up pain-free, and spent the morning in my pyjamas watching Sunday Brunch. For lunch, we had a mix of a steak, some duck and some venison that my mama divided between us. Considering that we all had the same thing, we've drawn the conclusion that my dad just cannot cut meat, as my mama and I managed to eat all of our meat but he was fighting with his. I can't decide if I like duck or venison best.

This afternoon, we watched The Golden Compass. It has been a nice, quiet, family Sunday.

We did have a visit from Becky who brought me a little clay reindeer who is adorable! While she was here, I had a very exciting and unexpected phone call from Rachel - she ran up the Radisson to make sure it okay for her to film while I got ready, and somehow, during the conversation, I got upgraded to a suite! In a different hotel! We've been transferred to the Hampshire, which is the 5 star one, right on the square! So then we got quite giddy talking about that, and my mama nearly let the Christmas cake burn. It's fine though, just got doused in sherry.

Tonight I will have a big sleep, and tomorrow (I hope), everything will be fabulous.

The 11th of November.

Tonight was one of the best nights of my life.

We got our train to London without any hassle, then we got a taxi from Euston directly to Leicester Square. The weather was less than ideal, so we went to the nearest food emporium which was Muriel's Kitchen. It was a very quaint-looking sort of place, with nice cakes and milkshakes and that sort of thing. I had pulled pork in a brioche bun and chips because I knew I wouldn't get much food later on.

To get to the hotel, we had to fight through the rain and die-hard Hunger Games fans who'd camped overnight, but we got inside. They don't make it easy for wheelchair users. We checked in, then went up to suite 106! I immediately darted around, pointing at things and saying "Look at this"! The bathroom had two showers, the bed was humongous, and the living room directly overlooked the square so we could watch the Barrier Men (it said this on their jackets) set everything up. We had a voicemail from Racheal (the one organising the Paris trip, not the filming Rachel) about Paris - we needed to print some forms, fill them in and scan them back in. We had a bit of a palaver in the business centre but it got done in the end.

The other Rachel arrived to do filming, and Aunty Hilary came to see me and the room, and I got ready while Rachel filmed and asked me questions. Christine got to us at about twenty past five, then Jan arrived at half past and we all went to Ruby Blue, where we said goodbye and went off to be fancy people!

Ruby Blue was not super-exciting - we said hi to people and I thanked them all for letting me go. We picked up our tickets, had a glass of champagne, a slice of pizza and a wee before heading off. There was an enormous queue to get to the red carpet, and standing in it in the rain wasn't helping my breathing, so we sort of pushed in in front of a Rizzle Kick to get through. Checking in phones was a nightmare - they took your phone, put it in a plastic bag, put a sticker on it and gave you another sticker to collect it at the end, then they rummaged in your bag to make sure you hadn't got any more secret phones in there. Then we got onto the carpet, I was looking around and thought "oh my god it's Harry Styles - wait, no, it's the one from Union J who LOOKS like Harry Styles!" and I did a surprised "hello!" at him. He said hi and I turned back around, then we listened to them wonder where the man they were supposed to be following had gone. It was quite entertaining. Then a girl in the crowd spotted them and yelled OH MY GOD IT'S UNION J and suddenly the crowd erupted in screams. It was loud. We pottered down the carpet, spotting famouses, and when I got to the bit of carpet in front of our window, I stopped and looked up and I could see my mama's waving silhouette, and I waved back. I was so glad that she saw me. I saw Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth doing interviews (in this clip I walk behind her: http://www.channel5.com/shows/inside-hollywood/episodes/episode-222-31) , and Edith Bowman was hosting in a dress I did not love.

When we got inside, the adrenalin suddenly wore off and I had to stop to breathe, during which time I saw Ellie Goulding, then we took our seats. We watched the red carpet footage and ate our free popcorn, then the stars were introduced and we all watched the film! It is super super good. When it was over, Jan basically ran to get our phones, then we hustled out of the cinema. I saw Andy Serkis but he got away before I could get a photo, then we had to hot-foot it to the party coaches. We walked past the queue to get phones back and it was immense. Very glad Jan is speedy.

On the coach (it was like a school trip; incredibly surreal) I texted my mama to let her know I had my phone back and I was fine, and we were going to the after party and I wouldn't be back too late. Jan had to leave pretty much as soon as we got there, bless her, but she left me in the capable hands of Jo from Lionsgate (I think she was from Lionsgate anyway) and we got invested in the buffet. It was amazing! Several roast beasts, and a massive table of puddings! And there were oysters! I decided it wasn't the best time for my first. We then found our way downstairs, and it just took my breath away. The Royal Courts of Justice are truly stunning. I found Nas and her husband from Filmflex who we'd been sat with in the cinema, and we set about finding famouses. I am good at grabbing them. I nabbed Jeffrey Wright (Beetee), Dougie McFly, Francis Lawrence (director), McBusted, Jonathan Ross (who proceeded to almost lick my face), Nat Dormer, Sam Claflin, Joe Dempsie, Anthony Byrne and STANLEY TUCCI! I actually screamed a little bit. I ended up basically hanging out with Joe, Nat and Anthony, and they were really sweet. Nat told me I simply must visit The Orangerie when we go to Paris, and they got me water when I couldn't breathe after walking up all the stairs, and gave me hugs when I had to leave. I hailo'd a cab back to the hotel, where my mama let me in and I offloaded me excitement. Best night of my life.

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The 12th & 13th; I have a lot of planning to do.

The 8th & 9th; I'm really very excited.