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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 12th & 13th; I have a lot of planning to do.

The 12th of November. I am very tired tonight, unsurprisingly, I didn't sleep much as my body was overexcited, plus the light and noise from the square weren't helpful.

Our breakfast that we ordered last night (I filled in a thing and hung it on the door) was huge! I'm glad I only wrote 1, not 2 - we had six slices of toast, two croissants, two apple danishes, a bowl of fruit plus jams and a huge glass of orange juice. We didn't finish it. Rachel came to record me reading out some of my blog, and I told her all about last night.

Checking out was easy, then we went to investigate the M&M's shop, where everyone is hopped up on sugar. I bought a rocking horse full of m&m's for Becky, and a teddy and a multicolour pen for me! Then we went to Konditor & Cook, where we bought a slice of curly wurly cake, a slice of lemon chiffon cake, three brownies and several little cakes for Grandma. Then we went to Paul A. Young which smelled incredible (they had a pan of melting chocolate in the window, yum), and bought some fancy chocolates. We decided that we didn't need to get another cab to Euston, as it wasn't far. We bought coffee and lunch, then the assistance people helped us onto the train, and we came home!

Becky came after school, and I her all about my evening and gave her the m&m's. She's requested the 13th off, se we can book Harry Potter!

Tonight I am very sleepy, and I'm going to bed at nine.

The 13th of November.

I had a pretty big sleep but I'm still tired tonight. Enough to want a tiny cry.

I got up at about half nine and slowly poddled about. We've basically been waiting all day for the postman with our documents for Paris. He came after my mama had gone out, so I spent my afternoon looking at the Parisian rail system and working out what we have to do. The most important thing is organising assistance on and off trains.

I watched The Choir while painting my nails this afternoon, and The Only Way Is Up is such a depressing song! The lyrics made me want to weep. Thanks, Gareth Malone.

I was talking to my dad about the Harry Potter Studios and he started asking me all these questions and saying things and he just manages to make me stressed and upset without even trying. My weariness doesn't help.

Tomorrow I have a lot of planning to do.

The 14th & 15th; Such a life of extremes I lead.

The 10th & 11th; Best night of my life.