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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 8th & 9th; I'm really very excited.

photo 1 The 8th of November.

Today people are utterly brilliant and I'm really very excited.

This morning was very standard; nothing really to report. After lunch, we went to Maplins to pick up the battery pack I ordered yesterday (I suspect I may be needing to charge my phone on the go a fair bit in the upcoming weeks), then we went to Boots for a smokey eye palette as I don't think my usual make-up will cut it on Monday night. Then we stopped at M&S before going home because Grandma wanted grapes.

This afternoon, I played with eyeshadows and painted all my nails different colours to decide what will work best. However, I'm now going to Bad Apple to get them done in the morning by Amy! And I got an email from the Lionsgate man about the pre-premiere drinks thing and afterparty. This is all very exciting.

Now this evening we've had confirmation for the Paris trip! From the 18th to the 23rd of November, we will have two nights in Paris, then three in the Disney Hotel! Now I just have to hope that the bugs continue to play ball. I feel optimistic right now as my blood numbers were all good on Wednesday. Fingers crossed.

People are just excellent.

Oh, and Mat Follas who won Masterchef followed me on Twitter today! I don't know why but that's fun.

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The 9th of November.

Tonight I am tired, cold and don't really have an appetite. Normally this would mean I am brewing something, but I was awake at half past five this morning for no apparent reason, and I was at Bad Apple at half past nine to get my nails done, so my body is a bit weary and that can manifest itself like this. My nails are a fiery glitter fade and will clash with my dress in a fabulous way. I then spent the rest of the morning working very hard to not smudge them.

My dad took me to meet Sadie at Yorks at twelve, where we managed to snag the window seats, drank our coffee and waited for food. I had a sandwich containing various meats and Sadie had soup, but we both went for the chocolate loaf cake which was moist and delicious. It was nice to just catch up on life and talk to someone who I have known for more than fifteen years. For a few hours I escaped from my current life.

When I got back, I curled up in a chair and listened to the rugby while my mama rang companies to get travel insurance quotes, and now we have insurance! Hooray! If the cholangitis kicks in while we're in Paris, I will be looked after.

Tonight I am sleepytired. Definitely an early night, and I will conserve energy tomorrow.

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The 10th & 11th; Best night of my life.

The 6th & 7th; If I'm going to die, I'd rather do it with my own face.