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The 7th & 8th; That is what my body ate.

The 7th & 8th; That is what my body ate.

The 7th of August. 

I have been to the gym! 

My eye has been much better today, although right now it is quite unhappy and as soon as I've finished writing this I'm going to try to give my eyes a rest from all screens until we have dinner. 

This morning, I did some experimenting with the new coffee machine, which gave me something slightly more successful than yesterday evening's attempt. Still got to practise my milk streaming with this machine - I am not used to this level of fanciness! Then I wrote up a blog post, and went to play with the kittens. Barnaby is very reluctant to come to me - the rest all jump up to say hello straight away, but he is always last. Blue (the light grey one) and Brooke (the only girl) are always up on my lap first, then Bertie (the full tabby), and finally Barnaby (also full tabby, but with white feet which Bertie doesn't have). He always just looks a bit nervous about it. I will make him my friend yet. 

After lunch, I took my opportunity to go to the gym. It went really well! Well, except for adducting. Prior to getting ill in September, I was able to use those muscles to squeeze together 47.5kg. Now I was only do 14kg. That is what my body ate when I was in ICU, not eating any actual food. I think that's the first really obvious change that I've seen, and it has really shocked me. I knew it was a lot, but fucking hell. I went round all the other machines that I needed, all the equipment I wanted was available, and my eye didn't kick off at all. The end was a bit tricky, when I was doing sit ups under a light and next to a window, so I just kept my eyes shut and faced into the gym as much as possible. I don't think that's why my eye is sad now, this is just from strain. 

On the way home, we went to Boots so I could get a new eyeliner and mascara. I thought it would be a good idea for me to have some brand new ones so none of my old, potentially germy make up can affect my eye. So much mitigation. 

The 8th of August. 

Well, today has been the source of many minor irritations!

The first one was Mommy waking me up, which alarmed me because that usually means I've slept in, or something bad has happened. Today, it meant we had to be at the GP at ten o'clock to discuss/get more Gabapentin and see if they'd got the shared care for the tacrolimus from the QE. It turns out that I've got to the maximum dose of Gabapentin (900mg three times a day) and it isn't helping with my pain so we're to taper that down now. And they've received the shared care paperwork but for some reason they can't do it so they've written back to the QE and I'll have to get some more from Dr. Ferguson when I see him in a few weeks. Second irritation. 

The rest of the morning was perfectly pleasant - washed hair, sat with kittens, had a lovely time. I tried my best to get a photo of all four of them on my lap for International Cat Day, but they were not particularly cooperative. They're just too excited about every single thing, plus there was the fact that Brooke kept trying to escape to attack the television. 

After lunch, I made another coffee with the new machine and it was really quite good! I ground it slightly more coarsely, and the milk was nearly perfect, I just let a few too many of the big bubbles in at the beginning. Still, it tasted good, so I was happy with it. 

We had an appointment at the vet at 3.30 to get them to sign off the kittens as being healthy to home, and that ended up being quite the waste of time. Really, all Daniel had to do was weigh them, and tell us which one had been tested for FIV/FeLV. They might make sense for adult cats or kittens who've had health issues, but for kittens who are fine, it really feels like a waste of the consultation fee for Cats Protection. Whatever. They're all done, so we can home them now, which is a good thing because Bertie is going tomorrow!

We had a lady, Sandra, coming to view the kittens this evening to see which one she would like to have. She arrived with her cousin just after six, and they were immediately investigated by all four. We talked a bit about her previous cat, and the kind of cat she was looking for. She seemed to gravitate towards Bertie, who is a very nice boy, very gentle, who will sit on your lap without getting all up in your face like Blue might. After a bit of discussion, she decided that yes, he was going to be the right one, so they're going to come back tomorrow to pick him up! 

The 9th & 10th; An hour on my bed with a hat over my face,

The 9th & 10th; An hour on my bed with a hat over my face,

The 5th & 6th; Still angry.

The 5th & 6th; Still angry.