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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 9th & 10th; An hour on my bed with a hat over my face,

The 9th & 10th; An hour on my bed with a hat over my face,

The 9th of August. 

I should have had a second coffee today. I am wilting. 

Nobody woke me up this morning except my alarm, but my sleep was disturbed by people setting off fireworks at half past eleven (although nobody else seemed to hear them) and the very loud rain at whatever time that came down. It was very noisy!

I took a little while to get going this morning, and when I eventually started to do my blog post, I realised I hadn't finished writing it yesterday, because it was hurting my eye. That took up a lot of the morning, as I am rubbish at remembering what I have done recently. It took me a few minutes to recall that writing about yesterday is what I was doing this morning. I finished that, got it up on the blog, and then it was time for lunch!

This afternoon, I have been back to the gym. I managed to avoid the massive rain, and was able to do everything I wanted. My muscles were still a bit tired from Wednesday, so I was not great at everything. Shoulders and thighs are still suffering, so I think I will not be returning until Monday at the earliest. 

My eye has been kicking off around teatime every night for the past few days and I am just praying it doesn't do it again tonight. It is so bizarre - it will be absolutely fine for a few days, then one day it will kick off horribly, and then take several days to recover until it is fine again, and the cycle restarts. There is nothing that we can think of that could be a reason to upset it, so I just have to live with it, keep doing all the drops, and hope that they are actually working? I hate my stupid body. 

The 10th of August. 

The eye is cooperating so far today, although I am being careful. I have just spent an hour on my bed with a hat over my face, listening to Abe Lincoln's Top Hat and occasionally drifting off, because it was starting to get somewhat unhappy. Last night it was so good, I actually wasn't in pain at all for the whole evening. 

This morning, I enjoyed watching Tom be mean to Matt Tebutt on Saturday Kitchen, and was very happy when he got food heaven at the end. Mommy and I had a chat about my eye, because I think the chloramphenicol ointment might be actually making things worse. After I put it in in the morning, they look rather pink, which I do not take to be a good thing, and she agrees that this is not ideal, so I'm going back to the drops for a while and we'll see how I get on. We kept them all in the fridge just in case, and it turns out that was an excellent decision. 

After lunch, I went to sit with the kittens and I watched Ex Machina. I'd put it on My List on Netflix when I first got it, didn't get round to watching it, then it disappeared. Obviously this was very annoying, because I didn't get to see it in the cinema as I was ill when it came out, so when it suddenly reappeared the other day I was delighted, and resolved to make sure I saw it while I still had the opportunity. 

The kittens behaved very nicely for the most part - adorable sleepy babies. Occasionally they got a bit fighty or bitey, at which point I bopped them on the nose and put them on the floor. They had some food, which meant nap time, but when that was over it was time to play, and somebody did a very unacceptable fart on my lap. I did not enjoy that at all. I couldn't leave because the film wasn't over, but I did manage to get some respite from being played/sat/farted on. Then, when it as finished, my eye was starting to complain, and it was at that point I went upstairs. 

Found out Jeffrey Epstein killed himself (not at all suspicious), digested that information, and settled down for my eye nap. Now I just have to hope that it has helped.

The 11th & 12th; The total opposite of what I went there for.

The 11th & 12th; The total opposite of what I went there for.

The 7th & 8th; That is what my body ate.

The 7th & 8th; That is what my body ate.