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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 30th & 31st; The 11th anniversary of my second stem cell transplant.

The 30th & 31st; The 11th anniversary of my second stem cell transplant.

The 30th of July. 

Today has been one of nicest sort of days. 

This morning, I did a blog post, and I finished correcting the work I'd done wrong yesterday (I had accidentally copied and pasted some of the same data twice because I'm a nitwit). I had to go out at half past eleven to meet Sadie, so that was the morning filled. 

We met at Arket, where we were going to have coffee and cinnamon buns to celebrate the 11th anniversary of my second stem cell transplant, but their cinnamon buns were very small and looked unsatisfactory, so we went looking elsewhere. We looked all around Selfridges, Grand Central, nearly settled on a pizza place, then ended up returning to Lola's Cupcakes in Selfridges because I am picky and annoying. I got a congratulations cupcake (red velvet) and a tiny chocolate heaven one to eat there, and a salted caramel brownie to take home. All the sugar for me. 

Did a bit of shopping, and bought myself two books from Foyles - Invisible Women by Caroline Criado Perez and Superior by Angela Saini (one of the books I wanted to buy when I was in the big Foyles in London), along with some boring bits from Boots. By then, we both needed to get going so Sadie could get back to her data cleaning, and I had a trip to Erdington gym planned. 

I don't feel like I am able to exercise sufficiently at home, and they have a lift so I don't have to worry about climbing any stairs. Also, they have the fancy machine that will be able to tell me how much of me is fat vs muscle, because I feel like most of the weight I regained to get back to my "normal" weight has been fat and it means my jeans don't really fit any more. I'm being careful, I'm not going to let my eating disorder get hold of me, I just want my jeans to fit me again. 

Met a nice chap called Connor at the desk, who went to find the membership consultant, Oscar, and he gave me a tour. It is basically the same as Wyndley, but with a lift, so I was happy to sign up! I plan on going in on Friday and having a go on some of the machines to see where I am, compared to before I got ill. I feel good about this - I'm going to get some muscles back. 

The 31st of July. 

Finished all the computer stuff! For now, anyway - I'm pretty sure Sadie is going to send me the data for 2014 and maybe even 2013 so I won't feel too smug just yet. 

It would have been done earlier, but this morning I worked for an hour and had to delete it all because I was copying the wrong data. I thought Daddy had redone the pivot table for 2017, which he had, but then he'd put it back to 2016 so he could use it so demonstrate something to me. I wanted to bang my head on the desk. He'd mentioned that he wanted to show me something, but when I started working this morning, he was having a vision migraine, so I didn't really want to disturb him. Therefore, when he came down and told me what I'd been doing was wrong, I was very annoyed. But I came up with a way to rationalise it in my head that meant I wasn't angry about it, so I was able to carry on without residual irritation festering in my head. 

When it got to lunchtime, I'd just come to a convenient place to stop, so I left the computer and ate some food before it was time to go to the QE to see Mr. Kolli. I had an amusing chat with the nurse who did my eye test about my new "Fuck Boris" necklace - well, less amusing, more terrified about the state of the world and what's to come. 

Mr. Kolli called me in, and I had an audience! An optometrist who I've met before, and a student from America who actually turned out to be Mr. Kolli's nephew. Anyway, my eye is a tiny bit better - the blood vessels have got a bit smaller, less "juicy" as the optometrist described them, which was just lovely to hear. However, it's just being really slow. I have to change my antibiotic drops for ointment, start tapering my steroids, do the iKervis in both eyes, and see him again in four weeks. I did ask if there was some kind of injection we could do that would speed things up because I would be willing to endure that, but apparently a steroid one wouldn't do that much. However, there is an injection he could do that would get rid of the blood vessels but the eye needs to be less inflamed before he does that. Sigh!

I really want both eyes to work so I can read all my books! Or just see properly! I wish my body could cooperate, just for once. 

The 1st & 2nd; Most things were not bad!

The 1st & 2nd; Most things were not bad!

The 28th & 29th; I put my earphones in and hunkered down.

The 28th & 29th; I put my earphones in and hunkered down.