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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 22nd & 23rd; Curse the goddamn Gabapentin.

The 22nd & 23rd; Curse the goddamn Gabapentin.

 The 22nd of June.

To continue with the theme, I'm still really fucking tired. Obviously last night was a late one, because we didn't get home until like twenty past eleven and I don't know what time I fell asleep. One-ish? Plus I have gone up to 900mg of Gabapentin today and that is probably contributing.

This morning, my hair needed washing because I was going to meet up with Lauren, then the blow-drying was for some reason more difficult that usual, and getting dressed was awful. I put on one dress, but that didn't feel good, so I had to change into another. I put a cardigan on with that, but then the two didn't go together so I had to find a different one and I had to have a sit down and just have some oxygen to recover.

Back downstairs, I wanted to put some make up on, and I figured eyeliner would be safe - I don't really want to do mascara at least until I've seen Mr. Kolli, mainly because taking it off is usually quite tough and I don't want to do that to my eye while it's still potentially delicate. Then I needed to repaint my nails that I'd had to clean pre-surgery, and was ready about fifteen minutes before I had to go out. Pow.

We met by Pret, where I got a coffee and one of their chocolate chunk cookies (one of my many vices) and Lauren purchased some kind of fizzy fruity beverage. We went outside to sit and absorb some vitamin D, and chat about life. I enthused about my new miraculous vision, and she told me about her trip to our new, enormous Primark. She is going to Glastonbury so needs some unenvironmentally friendly clothes for the weekend. She did get a good magnifying mirror that I could find useful though.

Some chaps came out and sat next to us, and they were smoking which I did not appreciate, so we returned inside until she had to go and get her train. I then had a little bit of time before I was getting picked up, so I went to Five Guys and got a chocolate and coffee milkshake. Not to throw at anyone, just to drink. I had to pee, so went to John Lewis where I came across a man coming out of the disabled toilet looking very unhappy, and the woman that was waiting for him asked if he was alright. This made me very worried about what I might find when I went in, but thankfully whatever had troubled him had left no evidence to bother me.

Daddy picked me up, and back home I put up a blog post, then watched Toy Story 2 because it was on and I can't really do any knitting or crochet at the moment because I can't see! Going to be spending a lot of time watching TV and playing games on my iPad because I can't read books with normal-sized text or see any stitches I might make while crafting. It will be worth it though.

The 23rd of June.

Curse the goddamn Gabapentin; I am so incredibly drowsy. I am like the dormouse from Alice in Wonderland, except I can't sleep. So I'm pretty energyless, just flooping about the house, curling up in chairs and pretending to nap.

This morning, after coffee, I went back upstairs to try on two dresses that I ordered the other day. It turns out that the one we thought would go back is staying, and I'll be returning the other one. Moisturised, got dressed, came back down to finish watching Sunday Brunch.

After lunch, I had a second coffee, then returned to my bedroom to try to do my core exercises, because I haven't since Wednesday, but I was just too tired to do them all. Ended up just having a lie down and listening to the rest of Gardener's Question Time. I told you, I have been useless all day.

Since then...tennis, football, Harry Potter. I do hope I get used to this current dose or I'll be no good to anyone.

The 24th & 25th; Going to have to embrace this face.

The 24th & 25th; Going to have to embrace this face.

The 20th & 21st; I can see!

The 20th & 21st; I can see!