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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 14th & 15th; I just want to have a nice time.

The 14th & 15th; I just want to have a nice time.

 The 14th of March.

Well, I'm going to try to see Kiri tonight. Whether I make it through the whole show remains to be seen.

I had another reasonable night, only waking up a couple of times to cough and quickly falling back to sleep. I got up when my alarm went off, and got a blog post done before I had to go to Black Sheep. New colour, and a cut before Michaela goes to have her baby. I was there for the usual four hours, so got a good amount of my book read (nearly finished!) and coughed a lot. I had warned them that it sounds much worse than it is, so I was generally left to get on with it. It's tedious, but I just have to keep going until the phlegm moves. The hair is mainly blue with bits of green and turquoise. It looks good!

I got home about half past three, so had a hot cross bun as a sort of mini-late-lunch, then knitted a bit of sleeve before getting ready to go out.

I hope I'm able to cope tonight. It's only an hour and I'm going to sit near the door so I can dash out if I'm having an issue, but I really just want to have a nice time and not be a distraction.

The 15th of March.

My throat has gone all tickly again and it is most annoying. I had fun at Kiri last night - I was sat next to a very understanding girl, and I was able to sneak out a lot of my coughs in the group laughter so I'm hoping tonight is more of the same. I have warned Nish that if he hears someone sounding like they might die, he doesn't need to be concerned. We are not meeting up because I do not want to inflict my germs upon him and Rosie.

So I had a worse sleep because of the tickle - I was drinking loads of water but it wasn't helping, so I went to get some more and some Strepsils to calm it down. I accidentally swallowed the first one which was an unpleasant surprise, but the second seemed to do the job.

Today it hasn't been great, but I just keep drinking the water. This morning, I finished the first sleeve of my jumper while watching the horrific news from New Zealand unfold, then after lunch I went for a lie down to try to get a bit of rest before I go out again. Having not been able to actually have a nap, I came back downstairs and Mommy and I watched last night's Masterchef, and I've started the second sleeve.

I just want the cough to go away.

The 16th & 17th; I live on the floor again.

The 16th & 17th; I live on the floor again.

The 12th & 13th; Still feel pretty ghastly.

The 12th & 13th; Still feel pretty ghastly.