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The 12th & 13th; Still feel pretty ghastly.

The 12th & 13th; Still feel pretty ghastly.

 The 12th of March.

It has been a hard slog of a day.

I was woken by the very loud and angry weather, and my alarm went off shortly after. I had a reasonable sleep, which was helpful, but I still feel pretty ghastly.

My main problem is not so much the cough itself, but more the effect that continuously coughing is having on my muscles. My neck is horrific, and my back pain is spreading up to my shoulder blades. I have finally got some relief this evening, because I asked Daddy to get some Voltarol when he went to get my prescription (along with a Mint Aero). I'm not supposed to have ibuprofen, but we figured that used topically, it won't affect my digestive system.

This morning I did a blog post, and didn't continue with my knitting until after lunch. It's been complicated and messy, and I am exhausted, but I have finally finished the dog. Having stretched it out, I think it looks good. He's still going to need a few finishing touches though, like eyes.

The 13th of March.

I think I feel a tiny bit better this evening? I say that having just had a rather large coughing fit, but that is because my throat suddenly got very dry. Drank a lot of water, ate some bits of Wispa. Alright again now.

I didn't feel so good this morning. Probably just because the morning is always bad, because I suddenly have to shift all the phlegm that's settled overnight. There's a delightful image for you.

My neck has not been so sore today, which is another plus. I finished off the front of my jumper, and tidied up the edges of the ears of the bulldog, then started working on the sleeves. I watched the finale of The Passage, which was interesting. I'm so impressed by Saniyya Sidney, carrying the show on her own, really, and having to set up the next season. She is an incredible actress for someone so young.

Getting my hair coloured tomorrow. I hope the cough isn't too much of a problem.

The 14th & 15th; I just want to have a nice time.

The 14th & 15th; I just want to have a nice time.

The 10th & 11th; I do not feel great.

The 10th & 11th; I do not feel great.