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The 6th & 7th; Can they not?

The 6th & 7th; Can they not?

The 6th of October. 

I planned on spending the whole day with the kittens (read: getting Beatrice to like me), but in the end it was only half. 

This morning, after my usual breakfast business, I started writing up a blog post, and somehow that took ages. I think it was because I had to cull some of the thousand kitten photos I took yesterday, then edit them to publishing standard. By the time it was ready and posted, it was nearly lunchtime and I couldn't understand where all the time had gone. 

After lunch, I was planning on going straight in, but then Daddy decided he wanted to go and watch some rally driving in there, so I watched an episode of The Blacklist to pass the time until he emerged. It actually didn't last that long, because he came out before I had finished, but I waited until the end, then went to sit with the floofs. 

While I was in there, I had to watch out for them going to the litter tray. One of the unpleasant parts of fostering is if you get a kitten with a dodgy tummy, you've got to work out which one it is. Mommy was confronted with a very upsetting poo this morning, and I had to find out who the culprit was. They've all been really sleepy today, which can be a sign of being ill, but they also haven't eaten very much, so it could also mean that they don't have a huge amount of energy due to that. I had to sit and watch some films, see how they behaved, and if anybody went to the litter tray, I had to watch them like a hawk. 

I watched two rather terrible films, both mad in their own special ways. The first one was called The Bad Batch, which starred Suki Waterhouse, Jason Momoa, Jim Carrey and Keanu Reeves. The synopsis was weird (girl left in Texas wasteland fends of cannibals to find The Dream), but the names attached made me think it might be a bit good? However, I was wrong. To begin with, there was very little script, and I hate that. I'm sure it can work, but I don't like it. We don't really get a lot of context for anything, and it really is just one of those films that moseys along doing its own thing and in the end gets nowhere and resolves nothing. Very unsatisfactory. During that, Blanche went over to the litter tray, then just sat on the paper and stared at the wall. I went over to check, and she had indeed done something unpleasant. Gross, but good to know. 

Film number two was called A.M.I., about a girl whose mother dies and she then forms a co-dependent relationship with her customisable AI app which teaches her how to kill and dispose of bodies. This, I fully expected to be dreadful and I was fine with that. Teenage girl goes on murderous rampage. Love it. While I watched this, the kittens woke up a little and got a bit playful, so I got the fish on a stick out and they all got very involved in that. That was good; it means none of them feel rubbish enough to not want to play. However, later on I noticed Bramble in the litter tray and when I heard the noises her bum was making, it was obvious she's got an unsettled stomach too. 

I'm going to text Shaki. 

The 7th of October. 

Started my day off by ringing the vet from the moment they opened. They were engaged to begin with, which was unsurprising, because everyone needs to get their pet that got sick at the weekend to get seen. I tried again after I'd made my coffee, and got an appointment at ten past ten! Finished my beverage, then we popped the little floofers in the carrier. Handily, one was already in there. 

Now, here is an incredible coincidence: Lynn, the lady who owns the cattery where they were before us (and who had Dolly) was at Lydon's with our kittens' mum and their siblings! The siblings are fine, they were just in for their first jabs, and the mum had potential mastitis now she's stopped feeding the kittens. Her being there meant we could ask her what they'd been eating (all brands of non-expensive food) and how they'd been prior to them coming to us, and everything had been fine. When we saw the vet, she looked at them all, checked their temperature, and listened to their chests. She could find nothing wrong, which leads us to believe they are just stressed from the move and the different food. We've got some of the special gastro food, so we'll just give them that and some probiotic if necessary, and hopefully they will settle! 

We put some of it down, and they all went to eat it, which showed us they were happy to - a good sign. After that, we left them to rest, having had rather an invasive morning. 

My entire afternoon has been spent watching movies and kittens to see if they pooped, and if so where and what it was like. Next up on my classic horror list was A Nightmare on Elm Street, which was mainly annoying since Nancy's mum decided to just pretend her daughter wasn't in danger and just keep drinking. Her dad just seemed like a dick. Obviously not at all scary. Had to deal with a poo on the paper in that, so I had to get Daddy to help me change all of it, because the kittens then kept standing in the poo and I couldn't do it on my own. 

Second film today was The Cabin in the Woods. Much better because it actually had a decent premise and special effects, plus Chris Hemsworth. I did find it hard to believe that some of them didn't die from blood loss but hey. More fun poo times in that, because I saw Blanche go over to the place on the paper where they poo, she sat down, and I grabbed her and put her in the tray, where she immediately shat. Well done me, but Jesus, can they not?

When the film finished, I cleaned out the food tray and put a new sachet in, then I had to put each individual kitten in front of it to make sure they ate. Beatrice was threatening to throw up, so I put her in various litter trays but she didn't want to do it in them, then when I put her in front of the food, she started eating and completely forgot that she was going to be sick! 

I do hope this food works. I do not like being on poo-watch.

The 8th & 9th; Such a good girl.

The 8th & 9th; Such a good girl.

The 4th & 5th; She is my project.

The 4th & 5th; She is my project.