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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 8th & 9th; Such a good girl.

The 8th & 9th; Such a good girl.

The 8th of October. 

Very normal morning, fairly normal afternoon, then very angry prevening. 

No vet visits, just breakfast, coffee, blog post. We did have to try to get the kittens to let us squirt the probiotic into their mouths, which they did not enjoy at all. Bramble did end up with quite a lot on her face, but I think they all ingested enough. We have to do it for five days at least so that's going to be fun by the end of the week, because they just get wise to it!

The afternoon was more poo-watch. Today was at least a bit quieter, in terms of litter tray activity. The kittens have been a lot bouncier - actually playing, running about, more normal kitten behaviour! This was very pleasing to see. I heard Blanche start to poo on the paper, so I immediately grabbed her and put her in the tray, so she finished it in there. I then, on the advice of Shaki, tore off the paper with the poo on and put that in the tray too so they learn that it belongs there. It did seem to work for Bramble when she seemed to consider weeing on the paper, then smelled the paper in the tray and got in it to do her business there! I am hopeful that means they might take the hint. 

My bad film of the afternoon was Mom and Dad, which was not actually that bad because it was entertaining, and the lead/victim-types were not idiots. However, I did want to understand more as to how all the parents had been essentially hypnotised in this way, but I appreciate that you can't explore everything and give all the answers in this kind of film. 

I then watched the first episode of the I Love You, Now Die documentary. I heard about the case when the trial happened and I pretty firmly believed that Michelle Carter is a terrible person but I've heard other people felt differently after watching the documentary, so I thought I ought to see what that was all about. I have to say, after the first episode, I'm still fairly strongly in my original position. 

The reason I have been angry this evening is because I got a text from Sadie towards the end of the programme saying the people she adopted her dog from are threatening to take it off her because she escaped. I immediately rang her and we spent nearly an hour on the phone going through everything that had happened. It sounds like they have been absolutely terrible towards her, offered no help to try and find the dog, and having read the "contract" they sent her, I don't think they have a leg to stand on in regards to taking the dog back. It's garbage, compared to a Cats Protection contact. If they try to take the dog, I will fight them. Thankfully Sadie has had an incredible advocate in a woman called Lisa who volunteers for Dogs Lost, and she has been so helpful in the practical ways that I just couldn't be. She's also been defending Sadie when the people she got the dog from contacted her to basically get ammunition against Sadie, so I love her for that. They'll have that dog back over our dead bodies. 

The 9th of October. 

I awoke with a start because there was a very strange noise coming from just outside my bedroom. At first, I thought it was Mommy doing something odd in the box room, but after listening for a few minutes I realised it was the window cleaner. Apparently he is having to do the school run in the afternoons now so he'll be starting work earlier. Joy. 

No Poo-watch today! Mainly because last night we got the cage out and put them in there after we found four poos on the paper and Blanche looked at me as she peed on a cushion behind a speaker. We can't have that, and they are clearly now just refusing to use the trays. Therefore, we have to give them no option but the litter tray. It seems to be sort of working? Definitely more poos in the tray. 

I was going to Sadie's for lunch to meet the dog and make sure she was okay. Just before I went out, I did my eye make up and poked myself in my left eye with the eyeliner, so during the drive, my eye got angrier and angrier, no matter how many drops I put in. When I arrived, I immediately begged for eye make up remover. Unfortunately, the removal really fucking stung, and putting in the drops afterwards was awful, so that has just been a persistent irritance all day. 

It was made better by meeting the dog! Her name is Maya, but now Sadie isn't sure about that name so it might not stick. I'll call her that for now! Anyway, she is very friendly and lovely. She was happy to meet me but didn't jump up like I thought she might. She is good at not trying to eat your food, because when Sadie and I were eating our lunches, she did not try to get at it at all. For the whole of the three and a half hours I was there, we just talked about this whole saga with the awful dog people, and how Maya's been since she came home. Her dad took her for a couple of walks round the garden, which she initially resisted but after some treats she came around. After a while, she got tired and curled up in her bed very neatly. Such a good girl.

On the way home, I texted Mommy to ask her to shut the curtains in the living room, because my eyes are both just so angry. Since I got back, I've been constantly doing drops, but really I just need to go to bed and have ointment and a rest. So much pain. 

The 10th & 11th; I  do not love being covered in plop.

The 10th & 11th; I do not love being covered in plop.

The 6th & 7th; Can they not?

The 6th & 7th; Can they not?