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The 3rd & 4th; Very industrious.

The 3rd & 4th; Very industrious.

 The 3rd of November.

I have done myself a mischief.

Somehow, in the night, I must have twisted in a weird way, because when I woke up, moving my right leg really hurt my knee. It's also tender to touch, although thankfully it has now improved a bit. I have climbed the stairs properly for the past few nights, but I'm not sure how that'll go tonight.

This morning, I did a blog post and iced my knee, then Becky came over for a catch up and a cup of tea. She is doing well, having a relaxing half term, baby is being cooperative. Just hoping it doesn't all go wrong when school starts again!

After lunch, I got the crochet out and worked on that while watching Sabrina and gymnastics. Those men can really swing around a bar!

Tired. As soon as Strictly finishes, we'll watch the last Killing Eve on iPlayer, then I am going to bed.

The 4th of November.

And today my knee is fine. Of course.

It has been a rather unexciting day, because I have been very industrious with the crochet. In fact, I am nearly finished with the current Christmas present.

Oh Jesus, it's twenty past five and the fireworks have started already. Last night, they didn't stop until half eleven. I hate them so much. They should be illegal after ten o'clock at the latest. I just want to sleep at a reasonable time.

Anyway. I have made nearly all the bits of this project, accompanied by the sounds of Sunday Brunch this morning, and a film called Mary and the Witch's Flower this afternoon. It was like a Studio Ghibli film, but not quite as good. Mary was quite an annoying character which did not help. Plus having Kate Winslet and Jim Broadbent voice the antagonists was rather distracting.

Right. Back to work!

The 5th & 6th; I gave her quite the bollocking.

The 5th & 6th; I gave her quite the bollocking.

The 1st & 2nd; I do love visitors.

The 1st & 2nd; I do love visitors.