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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 25th & 26th; How inspirational I am.

The 25th & 26th; How inspirational I am.


The 25th of November.  Been out all day! I was up at eight, had breakfast, coffee, did a blog post and crocheted a bit of present before going out to Black Sheep to get my hair cut and coloured. I presented Michaela with the hat I'd made for Blossom, so I'm now awaiting a picture of her in it. We went a bit more red and copper in my hair today, less gold, and I'm going to get it brightened up again just before Christmas. Michaela trimmed all my ends but that was all that was needed, and by half twelve I was free again. 

Home for lunch, then we were out again to town to return the last Oasis dress. A girl in the shop was actually wearing it so I definitely couldn't wear it for Christmas now. We also went to John Lewis to buy crackers, and on our way back bumped into Kate Warnaby, an old friend from the Hippodrome, and we had a good natter in the middle of Grand Central. 

On our way home, we stopped to get some hamster bedding and we also picked up some "poultry paté" to try Nick with because he appears to like the wet food until he's licked all the jelly off, then he doesn't want it anymore.

Christine called and she is a poorly panda. Coughs and sniffles, she needs lots of rest. No sport for her. 

The 26th of November. 

It's been a good day. Admittedly, it didn't start off brilliantly with the boiler man arriving at five to eight but he got the heating working again without all the noise so we were able to be on our way to pick up Grandma and go to the Good Food Show by just after ten. 

We didn't have to pay £12 for parking this time because the shed was full so we just parked near the shed and saved some money! We arrived just in time to see Michel Roux Jr in the supertheatre. Perk of being disabled is that we all get sat together near the front so always have a good view. He made a duck dish which looked delicious. 

Once I'd got out (I got stuck behind a woman taking up a lot of space in her chair, going very slow, and she wouldn't move slightly to the left so I couldn't get round her), I got myself some caffeine in the shape of The Shack Revolution, then find a quiet corner to go through the show guide and find the places I wanted to visit. It basically involved the places I could buy brownies, and somewhere for lunch. I had a kangaroo burger which was adequate, but nothing to write home about. I got another Christmas present for Daddy and had a long chat with the lady on the stall because she asked why I was in a wheelchair. I told her, so then I got to hear about how inspirational I am, and how well I look. That's always nice. 

Got five brownies (Gower Cottage, and triple chocolate, Oreo, Nutella and vanilla and white chocolate from The Brownie Bar) and a sticky toffee flapjack for Daddy, then met up with Mommy and Grandma who were also done so home we went  

Ate one of my brownies when we got back, then spent the rest of my afternoon with Nick and Netflix. Tonight is Nish at the Glee so I'm very much looking forward to that - we're going to have a pre-show hang, Widdicombe style. 

The 27th & 28th; So much fun with Nish last night.

The 27th & 28th; So much fun with Nish last night.

The 23rd & 24th; Really rather dissatisfied.