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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 23rd & 24th; Really rather dissatisfied.

The 23rd of November.  Started my day by smashing my wrist on the bathroom door so I've got a lovely new bruise there. 

My morning consisted of a blog post, then Christmas shopping online which proved ultimately fruitless because when I got to the final stage of checking out, I discovered that the items I wanted to buy can't be shipped to the UK. Not helpful. 

After lunch, we went into town so I could pick up a present I'd ordered for Daddy, and go looking for a purse for Mommy. This was another unproductive trip because all I ended up getting was a dress for me that might be my new Christmas dress (I'm fickle and I can still return the Oasis one) and some Christmas cards. Neither John Lewis nor Debenhams had any purses I deemed of acceptable quality so I was really rather dissatisfied. 

Christine rang when we got home, so I talked to her while I appeased Nick's need for fuss. I had a look at the Cats Protection website last night and they've got loads of new kittens on the website and I'm worried no one will want Nick. 

The 24th of November. 

A much better start to the day than yesterday. My dress from John Lewis was delivered early (they didn't have a small in the shop so I had to order it online) so I tried that on after breakfast and I like it a lot more than the Oasis one so I'll be making another return to there. I'm sure they'll be delighted. 

The rest of my morning was spent crocheting. I've made all the parts of one of the presents note so that'll just need sewing up, although I'm not sure how I'll wrap it. Maybe I'll just put it in a box. 

Rosemary came for lunch so we had a bit of a chat, then some she and Mommy ate, I watched tv which required no brainpower and went to see if Nick had eaten much food. I might try him on some tuna or something. 

After I finished ask my crochet, I went to catch up on I'm A Celebrity and give Nick some hugs. He's so sleepy, just wants to get in small gaps and snuggle up, just like Oscar. 

The heating is so noisy. A man came to look at the boiler this morning and a part needs replacing, which he's going to come back with on Thursday at 8am. We're going to the Good Food Show so I will at least be awake anyway. 

The 25th & 26th; How inspirational I am.

The 25th & 26th; How inspirational I am.

The 21st & 22nd; Every day I despair about the future.

The 21st & 22nd; Every day I despair about the future.