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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 26th & 27th; "If I die, then it means I have lived."

The 26th & 27th; "If I die, then it means I have lived."


The 26th of July. Rest day. I got up at nine from a glorious sleep in my own bed; it was delightful. I love home. Especially taps with pressure. Hooray for gravity! This morning I watched Sunday Brunch and blogged. My lunch was a cheese toastie as we had very little did in the house (Mommy was out buying some more), and I caught up on some stuff, including Humans, which made me cry when Max sacrificed himself and said "If I die, it means I have lived". I don't think there is much better one can say. 

When Mommy was back, she washed my hair, I watched a bit of athletics, then we went over the road to give Becky her birthday present and cards and the rest their holiday presents. I got to have a lovely time stroking Rocky - I miss having a strokable pet. Hamilton is not very cuddly. 

Since coming back, I've gone through the Konditor & Cook book, wanting to eat all the things, and I fixed a nail that I'd painted dodgily. Such a life of excitement I lead. 

The 27th of July.

Back in the gym today. I had a very disturbing dream in which I was killed then eaten by Hannibal, but still fully conscious and yet unable to feel any pain. The only pain was when a giant caterpillar bit me on the finger so I flung it away. 

This morning we flushed my line and changed the dressing, then Mommy went to give blood and I stayed here and did thrilling things like opening the side gate for the window cleaner. 

After lunch, Mommy took me to the gym where I had a very productive session, except the leg press is still out of order, so I rowed for five minutes instead, which is a big thing for me. The smiley boy turned up but there were no mats available so he waited around for a while but eventually had to give up. 

On the way home, we went to Pets at Home to get sawdust for Hamilton, but I got slightly sidetracked by a really fluffy bunny that I just fell in love with. I was very sad to leave it. We also went to Boots for some foot cream, and finally M&S for juice and dinner, although we wandered around feeling like we were the worst because we just couldn't decide what to eat because there was nothing we wanted. Good old fishcakes. 


The 28th & 29th; Sick of being angry about it all the time.

The 28th & 29th; Sick of being angry about it all the time.

The 23rd & 24th; I need this decision to change.