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The 10th & 11th; I think Becky had a good day.

The 10th & 11th; I think Becky had a good day.


The 10th of July. It's been a good day. I woke up about nine, and was glad I hadn't slept much longer as I wouldn't have had time to do much before Kate and get successor, Yvonne arrived. As it was, I had just finished my toast when they got here. The ref lumen didn't want to bleed properly, but otherwise, that was all fine. When they left, I made my coffee, wrote up a blog post, then I went upstairs and I had a major exfoliate because I have terribly dry skin. Then much moisturising. 

Once I was dressed and Daddy and I had had our lunches, he dropped me off at the gym because Mommy's car has been at the garage all day. I did pretty well, saw the smiley boy in new clothes! Must be too warm for his Lonsdale tracksuit. As I was leaving, I see Sammi who was in the year below me at school, so we had a lovely chat before I had to go to my ride home. 

Excited about Becky's hen tomorrow. Such fun!

The 11th of July.

What a busy day! I had a very stressful dream in which I only woke up twenty five minutes before we had to go out and nothing was ready. I was so pleased when I really woke up and it was only half past eight. 

Becky came over at 11, I have her the mini Cinderella I had crocheted for her, then we put her in the car with her blindfold on and drove to Pizza Express. There was a bit of a pickle when we arrived as we couldn't park by it because the road had to close for the air ambulance to land, but we did eventually get inside and start on time (except Natalya who was late). We were given prosecco, doughballs and sun-dried tomatoes (we were not fans).

A man showed us how to shape and stretch the dough, and we managed to get flour everywhere, including in my shoes. Thankfully we were given plastic aprons which made me feel like a nurse. We each got given a blob of tomato sauce and we had to shake it around the base to get an even coverage. Then toppings! I asked for some spinach, then put that, some parma ham, pepperoni, a bit of normal ham, and then lots of cheese on mine. While they were in the oven, we had the calzone challenge, in which Becky and I were blindfolded and our teams had to direct us in making the base, filling it, folding it and crimping the edge. It was really hard! Once the messy bits were all out of the way, we washed our hands and settled down to finish our prosecco and wait for food. 

We received our calzones first, and shared those out. The crust was my favourite bit, and despite it being yummy, my team lost the challenge. Then the pizzas came! Mine was delicious, I would have eaten it all had I the space in my tummy. As it was, I fit in just over half. Christine won the best pizza competition, Lorna won best tosser, and I got a certificate with my name spelled incorrectly. 

We had ten minutes to knock back a mug of tea before going to the dress fitting. It didn't take as long as I expected - they all need to be taken up, but Lorna and I need ours taking in first, so we're both going back on the first of August. 

We all had a chill out rest time for an hour when we got back (more tea), and at 5, Katie and Ashleigh came to do pampering! Becky and Danni had facials, Rachel, Lorna and Natasha had manicures, and Natalya had a pedicure. People went back and forth through rooms, drinking M&S various fizzes and eating burgers and pavlova. Everyone that was going out got ready, and we did a Mr and Mrs game with questions that we'd filmed James' answers for. It didn't matter what Becky said, she was just told to keep drinking, bless her. By the time we'd finished all the questions, it was time for everyone to go out! For me, it was time to go home and sleep. I was tired and looking forward to bed. I think Becky had a good day. 

The 12th & 13th; Not the day I had planned!

The 8th & 9th; I look fabulous!

The 8th & 9th; I look fabulous!