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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 8th & 9th; I look fabulous!

The 8th & 9th; I look fabulous!


The 8th of July. A joyous day of hospital fun. My morning was haematology clinic. Ram is annoyed that Igor put me on iron supplements without doing an iron test, and I can't stop it and have one because "it doesn't work like that". He looked at my leg and has spoken to Andrew who wants an ultrasound before he'll do a lineogram, and we should get a phone call or a letter about that. It better not be for when I'm away. 

We had to come home so Mommy would take Grandma to lunch club, then we had our lunches and went back out to take her back, then we went to liver clinic. I dropped off my three page prescription at pharmacy, then they had plenty of time to do it because my 3.15 appointment with James didn't happen until 4.45. He's too popular! Philippa's gone to have her baby now there's a new temporary youth nurse but it's one I like from 726 so we were happy to see her. James was forgiven for his lateness because he showed us pictures of his baby son. So cute! 

We picked up two massive bags from pharmacy, then drove home and got here just after six, so that is all for today. Looking forward to seeing Lauren tomorrow. 

The 9th of July.

Top-notch day. Good sleep, bit of a lie-in and a nice morning. I had a delivery of a dress from Asos which I'd ordered in two sizes, and I'm keeping the one that fits because I love it. Rust-coloured shirt dress. 

I had an appointment to get my hair cut at Black Sheep at half twelve, so I took some pictures of Emma Watson's pixie cut and Michaela worked her magic with the scissors and I look fabulous! She showed me some pictures of baby Blossom, and I'll see her in person on Tuesday when James colours my hair. I don't know what shade in going yet, it depends on what colour the bridesmaid dresses are. 

Mommy took me straight into town to meet Lauren and she had some shopping to do. I was early so I had a candied bacon bagel for lunch while I waited, then we just hung out for a couple of hours, talking about her masters, Kim Kardashian, friends' babies and my annoyance at Igor for leaving. 

Lauren went to get some paint, and I needed a sunhat and have ended up with two from Accessorize, then talked to Christine on the phone on the way back to the car. 

The 10th & 11th; I think Becky had a good day.

The 10th & 11th; I think Becky had a good day.

The 6th & 7th; I've been thinking about death again recently.