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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 12th & 13th; I had a mug of chips and laughed a lot.

The 12th of November. Very little sleep. As in maybe two hours? My body is fucked. I had haematology clinic where I saw Ram for the first time in two months after sitting around for a few hours. he said how I look so much better than last time, and how I seem to be in a better place, which I agree with. He trusts me to continue to taper my steroids - yeah I should think so! We had to wait an hour for pharmacy to do all my drugs, so we didn't get home until about two.

Not a great deal happened this afternoon, but tonight is Katherine Ryan! Climbing up the stairs was really difficult but I think it was still easier than going around the outside. The amount of staff watching me mount the last few steps felt like an audience of people who are scared you'll fall all the way back down and smash your brain. I was allocated a shitty seat, but I knew it was sold out so I couldn't move elsewhere. However, they then realised that those weren't my seats, and I needed to sit somewhere else which was a bit further away but higher so I had a better view. And I'd just got settled there when someone came to tell me I had to move again because I was still in the wrong place, and I actually needed to move to right in between a couple and two other dudes. I tweeted The Glee Club about it a lot at the time and they've ignored me which is unusual.

So I sat there and was grumpy to begin with, but the support act grew on me and then Katherine was really good. She greatly cheered me up, and I had a mug of chips and laughed a lot. She talked about teenagers, and one of the two in the audience was sat next to me. When I was 18, I'd just had a liver transplant.

Daddy was waiting downstairs when it finished, so he drove me home and I ate some peas and am going to bed.

The 13th of November.

Today has been a mixed bag. I had a terrible sleep, went downstairs and developed a very sudden, painful earache. Mommy went to Boots and got some earwax-dissolving stuff which we put in, and I decided I'd go out with Mommy for her to give blood while I had a coffee and watched the German market-goers. I also needed to replace another lightning cable, got a cardigan from Mango, and some Christmassy jogging bottoms from Superdry. The most important thing we did though was to visit the German Christmas markets which started today! I have had my first red sausage of the year and I'm really happy about it as for the past two years, I haven't been able to eat anything because my mouth GvHD was playing up.

While we were out, before I had the sausage, I developed this very odd chest pain which felt really pressurised, and we couldn't figure out what it was. Is. We only had about an hour at home before I had to be at Bad Apple for my cut and colour (selfies to come, worry not!) so we tried Gaviscon, Deflatine and general winding, but nothing has worked.

I managed to cope while I was having my hair done - apricot roots, pink ends, smudged in the middle. Messy and I love it. Went straight to town again from Bad Apple and Daddy dropped me and Mommy off so we could go and see Henning Wehn at the town hall! I had a pretzel and a hot chocolate for tea.

Henning was ace, as I expected, and he tested his newest lecture for The Unbelievable Truth on us, so I'm looking forward to finding out if I spotted the truths. I had fun, but I think I would have enjoyed it more if my chest hadn't been so tight and painful. We think it might be pleurisy, but we're going to the QE in the morning. I just hope I get some sleep.










The 14th & 15th; It seems I have a pulmonary embolism.

The 14th & 15th; It seems I have a pulmonary embolism.

The 10th & the 11th; Greggs Christmas pudding doughnut.