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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 10th & the 11th; Greggs Christmas pudding doughnut.

The 10th of November. I feel better tonight. I think last night I was just really run down and needed another big sleep. And I haven't felt at all lethargic today like I did on Saturday.

Today was mainly based around car things. Becky hobbled over after her walk (physio) and we talked about all of the things her mum has found for her to do while she's off work despite her master's and lesson planning being slightly more important.

This afternoon, Daddy dropped Mommy and I off in Sutton so I could get some more wool and collect some jumpers, then we killed time until he picked us up and we all went to the enterprise garage to pick up the courtesy car, which is basically the same as our one that got smashed.

This evening I have picked back up the scarf I was on when I ran out of wool (not long to wait now, Lauren!) and I got over excited about Mark Velangi being on The Chaplains next week. Squealed out loud.

The 11th of November.

Today has been a good day apart from some sudden breathing difficulties but I've done my inhaler and am having some oxygen and I feel a bit better.

This morning, Mommy and I were both at the chiro and with me having had a dreadful cough for a month and Mommy having had a car accident two days ago, we gave Trine a nice challenge! My neck was particularly traumatic; there was wincing.

We went into Sutton afterwards so I could return some shoes to Topshop and two jumpers and a cardigan to House of Fraser. I also needed another lightning cable and cable clips because the ones I use by my bed have a habit of breaking. Furthermore, I wanted a Greggs Christmas pudding doughnut (it's a chocolate filled doughnut with some chocolate icing and a white bit with holly leaves so it's essentially festive). It was very nice but very sweet. I do not need another one.

This afternoon, I've finished Lauren's scarf, caught up on TOWIE and flipped through hair magazines for inspiration for when I get it cut and coloured on Thursday. Randomly saw Roseanna in one of them which she didn't know about.

An exciting addition to our London trip on Sunday/Monday has happened but I want to keep it a surprise.



The 12th & 13th; I had a mug of chips and laughed a lot.

The 8th & 9th; The greatest cheese toastie ever known.

The 8th & 9th; The greatest cheese toastie ever known.