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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 11th & 12th; Lorazepam sleep so today has been a fuzzy blur.

The 11th & 12th; Lorazepam sleep so today has been a fuzzy blur.

The 11th of October. So I had pretty much no sleep for some reason, but the rubbishness of that was tempered by the fact that I won a Twitter competition and my prize was lunch for free for me plus one at kingshEATh brumyumyum so Mommy and I went and had tasty street food!

We were having coffee and deciding what to have when we saw Kathryn, the chaplain from BCH and her husband which was lovely as she's super sweet and obviously we don't see her anymore, so it was a nice surprise. Mommy decided on a pulled pork burrito, and I had a pulled pork roll and BBQ beans from Rolling Smoke. It was sticky and spicy and messy and totally delicious. For pudding, we both had cakes from Bake - I had an apple cider duffin and Mommy had a New York vanilla crumb cake and both were really good (I had a mouthful of hers). Then we bought lots more cake, including a spiced chocolate pumpkin mini bundt cake which I just ate and it was also absolutely scrummy. Very warming and seasonal.

This afternoon/evening has been spent letting my tummy relax, and I had a tiny little cry at CazFlack dancing to I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing because lack of sleep makes me extra emotional.

The 12th of October.

Lorazepam sleep so today has been a fuzzy blur. I washed my hair and watched Sunday Brunch (although I may have had a little snooze part of the way through) because these things do not require brain power.

I ate my "dirty brownie" from Bake at lunchtime and it certainly took a while! Brownie baked with Oreo inside and a chocolate chip shortbread base. So worth it though. This afternoon has involved crocheting, and as my brain has become less mushy, I crawled upstairs to sort out some of the mess in my bedroom. So I've done all of the financial stuff (receipts, bank statements) and got rid of some hair equipment I will not be using again.

Next I really have to do my Summer/Winter clothing swap around/cull, then there will be more space on my floor and in my wardrobes. Then it's just the books! I'll get there. Clothes will be a serious undertaking.

Tonight I've written a slightly drug-induced essay on fighting cancer. Reading it back might be interesting tomorrow. Or incredibly insightful. It'll definitely be honest.










The 9th & 10th; In some ways, I am quite glad I don't have a normal life, because I don't have to worry about the future.

The 7th & 8th; I got a mysterious gift.

The 7th & 8th; I got a mysterious gift.