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The 25th & 26th; "Brave Kathryn" strikes again!

The 25th & 26th; "Brave Kathryn" strikes again!


The 25th of July.

Day did not start brilliantly with me nearly inhaling my mouthwash, then my body was having to work harder in the heat so I was having trouble breathing and my pulse was 107 at rest, but it slowly improved over the morning.

Becky came over with a copy of the Sutton Observer, because I'm on the front and pages 4 and 5. I'm pleased with it; it's a good piece. "Brave Kathryn" strikes again!

The nurse came to flush my line and brought a student with her which is always fun. I do not envy them, having to drive around in the heat all day! Ugh.

I was back at a Bad Apple at half twelve to have my hair dyed, and we're back to silver/grey I had really nice conversations with James and Andrew, and Andrew was showing me pictures of a very cute and fat baby bulldog. Becky appeared by my side at the sinks as she had her appointments to get her hair and nails done before her birthday today, and her time got changed because Craig was poorly, so we ended up actually finishing at the same time and we gave her a lift home. 

Got a pretzel from M&S on the way and finally ate lunch at about half three! For the rest of the day I've been pretty floopy - the heat has made my feet extra puffy so I've got them on a stool tonight. You can make dents in my skin.

The 26th of July.

Conpletely wilted. I have been awake since half past one this morning and I only fell asleep about twelve. We changed my dressing before bed and some of the new one went on raw skin which was sore and stinging. Foxes were screaming outside my window. It was really hot. And I just couldn't go back to sleep! I lay on my back with my feet up against the wall to try and alleviate any remaining puffiness from yesterday, listening to podcasts, the new Josh Record and Jason Mraz albums in their entireties, concocting blog posts in my head and trying not to get insanely bored/hungry.

I was supposed to go to Tesco with Mommy this morning but was in no fit state to do so. She went, and I made a very strong coffee (the first of several). Becky came over with a cheesecake that needed to go in our fridge, and then I spent the rest of the morning trying to get through the paper. Once I'd finished the main section, I made lunch and I felt able to go out, although I stayed in the wheelchair. I got some of the lime and elderflower Kopparberg that I had on holiday, and some of a particular chewing gum that I have been searching for in vain until now.

When we got home, I read the rest of the paper and got changed, then went over the road. Gave Becky her cards and presents, was sociable for a few hours and managed to stay until cake time, but by nine, I was flagging so much, it was impossible to stay any longer. All day I have felt like my bones were quivering inside me, I think due to a combination of caffeine and exhaustion. It's been horrible, uncontrollable.

Now I need to go to bed.

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The 27th & 28th; The skin on my hands has been so damaged by this flare that I can see scars now.

The 23nd & 24th; I will continue to live life as my fabulous self.

The 23nd & 24th; I will continue to live life as my fabulous self.