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The 23nd & 24th; I will continue to live life as my fabulous self.

The 23nd & 24th; I will continue to live life as my fabulous self.


The 23rdof July.

Today has been terrible, and I've just felt weird and stressy and wrong all day so I'm glad it's nearly over. On terms of things that have happened, it's been good!

I had the dental hospital this morning, and I don't need to go back for another three months, then we went to Boots, as Mommy's been bitten by something particularly unpleasant which has become infected so she's got some clarithromycin. I'm so glad bugs don't find me tasty. We then got Becky's birthday presents (and I got something for myself too), then we went to Boston Tea Party for lunch as we'd parked near there this morning. I had eggs florentine and some fresh orange juice, and we eavesdropped on some (we think) med students who were getting advice on their theses and one involved bone marrow aspirates.

We came home briefly so Mommy could phone Grandma and I could try to get a grip on myself before we went back out, but I didn't really. We had appointments at Bad Apple with Kayla and June at half three, but wanted to visit the new coffee shop that's opened down the road called Under Pressure first. It was very good, and the chap running it certainly knows his stuff. We both had nice flat whites, and I had a chocolate Scandinavian bun which made my fingers very messy.

I gave Michaela the unenviable task of fixing my whole life with a haircut which she did a good job of, no photos until Friday though when James dyes it. Mommy and June have become firm friends and she likes her hair so I'm really glad she finally took me up on my offer to take her!

I really hope I feel better in the morning.

The 24th of July.

This morning I woke up feeling much more positive, I made the conscious decision that there is nothing to be done about this steroid situation, and I cannot allow how I feel about my face dictate my life because that is ridiculous. When Ram is back, I will have stern words with him, but then we will have a productive discussion about my treatment and how we move forward. Until then, I will continue to live life as my fabulous self.

I spent the morning working out in a fairly relaxed manner due to the heat, so it took a little longer than normal and I was disgustingly sweaty by the end, but I felt really good and energised so it was worth it.

I then got changed into a loose floaty dress and rinsed all the sweat from my hair before making myself some lunch. While I was doing that, we had a visit from an old friend and she stayed all afternoon for lemon and lime drizzle cake and avoidance of the heat. While she was here, I sort of ended up undoing and wiggling out the stitch in my neck with my fingers. Then I cleaned it and it was fine so no harm done, and it saves the nurse a job tomorrow!

This evening I have painted my toenails bright yellow and I am hoping the heat doesn't make it totally impossible to sleep. I also emailed back a man whose partner discovered this blog and he had felt the need to share his story with me. It was such a lift to get that, that know that people care and are affected and even with the horrible shit they deal with, they still want me to know that I'm cared for, even by complete strangers. So thank you, Iain and Julie.

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The 25th & 26th; "Brave Kathryn" strikes again!

The 25th & 26th; "Brave Kathryn" strikes again!

On love, and why it is not in the cards for me.