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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 1st & 2nd; Today has been pretty stupendous.

The 1st of July. Well today is better - I have not burst into tears like I did last night after dinner. We decided that we would try one of my 7mg Zopiclones with one of Grandma's 3.5mg ones that we still have to see if that worked, but no, it did not keep me asleep.

Anne-Marie came expecting to flush my line (I don't know why as I told her on the phone it was out, the daft thing), but she took out my stitches instead. It was a lot easier than last time because they weren't really tight in my neck and encrusted in dried blood.

I worked out this afternoon while watching Alphas, and had to chase away the black and white cat twice. Oscar was asleep by the window the entire time and was completely unfazed.

I got an adorable piece of post today from a lady who's read about me in Cosmo and DM'd me for my address the other day - a pretty Ted Baker notebook and a Ciaté caviar manicure set so that's lot of fun!

Oooh I am so looking forward to going away on Friday.

The 2nd of July.

Apart from being woken up by screaming foxes at half past two then not going back to sleep, today has been pretty stupendous.

Mommy went to the Post Office this morning and the new Cosmo with my piece in was there! I was almost too nervous to open it even though I knew what it said. It's pretty perfect; they haven't changed the copy that Julie wrote so I'm happy. My story is particularly pertinent today as the main headline on the news all day has been David Cameron saying "We need new antibiotics or loads of people will die from resistant bugs"! Yes Dave. You're a tad late, but it's the thought that counts. Hi, my name's Kathryn, and I'm going to die from a superbug that drug companies find too uneconomical to try and kill.

This afternoon I went to meet Rahul who I went to Hallfield with so he could give me the blanket his friends have made for me and it's so nice! I will definitely be taking it with me next time I'm in hospital. I basically just spent the entire time talking about myself which is terrible but I did find out the basic things he's done in the last ten years (done English at uni, now working/living in New York and here doing real estate) before his car ticket ran out and we both had to go.

Becky came round to see the magazine and let us know how she'd got on at the chiro, and it's nearly eight o'clock and I want to sleep so much.

Oh and I had to answer the door to the window cleaner in my kitty pyjamas this morning. But y'know. Swings and roundabouts.

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