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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

Updated Aspirations/Bucket List!

Hi! During my killing of time while in bed this morning, I decided to update my list of aspirations so the differences between what I've done and not done are more clear, and there are new things on the list of things I still have yet to achieve. 

There's also a list of things I'll never do, and I just put it there to remind people that they have the chance to do these things I never will, and they ought to grab every opportunity with both hands.

I've also added a page with some pictures of the things I've done, so that's cheery. 

And I have categorised my posts into all the daily journal posts, and the more poignant musings that I am occasionally inspired to write.

Have a look and share them please!

Updated Aspirations.

Achieved Ambitions.

The 1st & 2nd; Today has been pretty stupendous.

The 29th & 30th; The best thing about lorazepam days is that nothing really matters to me at all.