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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 15th & 16th; Another day, another jab in the tongue.

The 15th of June. Well today I have learned that my body cannot cope with large amounts of fried food in a short amount of time - on Friday, I had a burger, and today I had a veal escalope which was pretty big. I can't imagine how I might have felt had I actually finished it.

I had a Zopiclone to try and help me sleep, but it didn't really. Well I got to sleep fine, I just wake up early and get stuck! So I got up and gave Daddy his Father's Day present (a three month coffee subscription) and card, then watched a bit of Sunday Brunch while I had my breakfast.

We were going out for lunch at Côte for 12:45, so I went back upstairs to get dressed and ready for that, then we spent a leisurely couple of hours having yummy food before taking Christine to her train. On the way home, I thought about doing a condensed sort of workout if I had time after editing the photos from Thursday. It turned out I didn't really - all the fried food had made me really burpy and I've had twelve (yes, twelve) Deflatine since getting home, plus nearly been sick. This does not bode well for my planned visit to Five Guys on Wednesday with Sadie!

The 16th of June.

Another day, another jab in the tongue. Most of my mouth is pretty clear after going back on the steroids, except the one ulcer that is always the epicentre of my oral flares. I was awake at half five so would've gone out first thing if I could, but the earliest Mrs Richards could see me was this afternoon.

I decided to work out this morning after my rather excessive past few days, then after lunch and half a Nutella brownie, we went out to the dental hospital. The waiting room wa really busy so we thought we might have a long wait, but I actually got called in fairly quickly. She had a look and agreed it was a good idea, but unfortunately they didn't have any of the usual, stronger steroid, so I had to have more of the more potent one. My tongue's still a bit swollen five hours on, but I think it will be better in the morning.

Since we got back, I've just snuggled with Oscar and watching things on the box. I'm super tired because I keep waking up so early but nothing can get me back to sleep while I'm on pred. If things go to plan, I ought to be sleeping through the night again by August.

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The 17th & 18th; It is half past nine and I am going to bed.

The 13th & 14th; Good Food Show!