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The 13th & 14th; Good Food Show!

The 13th of June. Good Food Show! Last night: refined, Michelin-starred dining. Today: burgers and sausages and cheese and cake. Yeah!

Mommy went to pick up Grandma at nine, then came back for the rest of us. Usually, we aim to arrive around nine/half nine, so getting there at ten meant a surprising amount more traffic! Christine and I went off by ourselves, starting at Starbucks because I had no caffeine on board.

I went through the guide, putting asterisks on the stalls I thought looked promising, and we set off to battle the crowds. My main picks are essentially anywhere that offers meat, cheese, cake or chocolate. Christine was quite taken with the meringues from The Little Round Cake Company, who no longer did cupcakes. Nevermind. We went to see the Fudge Kitchen man who gave us some utterly delectable chocolate orange fudge and we promised to return. We came upon the Belling Live Cook stage just prior to John Whaite's mojito chiffon cake demonstration, and I managed to get  selfie with him before he started.

After he finished, we went to get some lunch - I quite fancied a French hot dog in a baguette, but I was afraid that the bread would be too pointy and hurt me. Instead, I had a buffalo burger and an apple and lemon juice from some sort of shack. Christine had a sausage though. Mommy, Daddy and Grandma weren't anywhere near finished, so Christine and I did our shopping - I bought quite a lot: 7 brownies from The Brownie Bar (Nutella, white chocolate and vanilla, salted caramel, Oreo, a corker and a salted caramel bonbon), a Gower Cottage brownie, some macarons from Dimkin (not as good as Dr. Tim: I got white chocolate, double chocolate, mint chocolate, salted caramel and champagne), a tiny chocolate camera, a wedge of "Death by Chocolate" for Becky, some fudge (me: vanilla and lemon drizzle, Christine: peanut butter and Belgian chocolate swirl), Christine got her meringues, then we went to get ice cream and kill some time! I got salted honeycomb, Christine got normal honeycomb, and we sat down to watch the bizarre spectacle of the man who played Martin Platt in Corrie doing cheffing with Lancashire cheese. It turns out that he's massively annoying, we we were glad when Mommy texted me to say they were done and we just left.

Then goody bags, back to the car and home! Sorted stuff out, made coffee, ate macarons and watched last night's Celebrity Masterchef. Becky and James came round and I gave her the chocolate, and tonight everyone is very floopy.

Steroids are killing my sleep.

The 14th of June.

Today was a quiet day, after the business of the past few. I woke up at half four, went back to sleep, but was awake again at six and then it was all over. I listened to a Josh Widdicombe podcast, then felt I really had to get up. I saw Mommy before she went out to Tesco/M&S,  had my breakfast and wrote about yesterday.

I watched Saturday Kitchen and read my paper, then I worked out while watching Alphas. Saw Daddy chase the bad kitty! I pushed myself today, and I think I might have some sore arm/chest muscles tomorrow.

After lunch, my hair needed washing, then I got engrossed in the drama on Radio 4 at half past two called The Illustrated Man. It was really good - if you have an hour, listen to it on iPlayer. I then blogged, and uploaded the photos from Daddy's birthday.

Tonight I shall paint my nails and lament the lack of good tv. Might have to read my book!


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Burger earrings!

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The 15th & 16th; Another day, another jab in the tongue.

Daddy's 60th Birthday photos!