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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 9th & 10th; A day of victories!

The 9th of June. Still feeling okay this morning. Helen rang to talk about this visit that's going to happen, and Mommy explained what the letter said. Helen then rang the woman who we can supposedly contact, except she wasn't there (probably out inflicting terror into the heart of another disabled person), so Helen's just left her aide in no doubt as to how we feel about it. She will hopefully ring back tomorrow.

I worked out while I watched This Morning during the very changeable weather. Oscar came to try and help but didn't stay long. I can do press-ups now! Not full-body ones, but my arms are definitely a lot stronger than they were. I remember when I tried to go on my hands and knees after my liver transplant and literally just fell, hitting my face on the floor and breaking my glasses. I called Mommy in to show her and she was very impressed.

This afternoon, I sorted out my summer wardrobe. All my dresses still fit, hurrah! Got a few things to go to a charity bag and I'll put some jumpers in Grandma's wardrobe, so now there's plenty of space for my skirts and dresses.

When I was done, I came back downstairs and watched Revenge, Hannibal and an episode of Nashville (I still have one to go). I am so mad that Beverley got killed; I loved her, she was awesome.

I've been crocheting more too. I can only do scarves - I can't do it in the round, no matter how hard I try, so it's incredibly pointless but it passes the time and keeps me from stressing.

The 10th of June.

I can breathe again. This morning, Helen rang us to say she'd spoken with the lady who was going to come and interview me, and it has now been deemed unnecessary and will not be happening next week. *exhale*

This morning I saw a new spoiler for Hollyoaks regarding their current bone marrow transplant storyline which was the final straw in their long list of accuracies and I felt the need to say something. I have blogged, tweeted and contacted Channel 4, and Anthony Nolan are also going to investigate. I feel really pedantic but I think it's incredibly irresponsible.

Mommy baked cupcakes all morning for Daddy to take to work tomorrow before his 60th birthday on Thursday, and this afternoon Becky came round and assisted with the decorating. There are several kinds: lemon curd, cookies and cream, salted caramel, jam doughnut, strawberry milkshake and custard cream biscuit ones. We actually have yet to make his proper birthday cake!

I did some great kitty-chasing today. I heard the evil black and white one at the cat flap so I ran and it was legging it down the garden. However, it stopped in the bush by the pond. I followed and sat and stared at it, told it to go away, but it just looked at me. So I went to get a stick to poke it with, but I couldn't pull Daddy's canes out of the ground. I went back to check and it was still there, just settled in, looking at me, so I went to get the water squirter. I sat down, I showed the cat the bottle, then it squirted it three times right in the face and it scarpered. God it felt good.

A day of victories!

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photo 3

Jam doughnut cupcakes.

photo 4

Lemon curd cupcakes.

photo 6

Custard cream cupcakes.

photo 11

Strawberry milkshakes cupcakes.

photo 12

Cookies and cream cupcakes.

photo 13Salted caramel cupcakes.

The 11th & 12th; Daddy said it was his best birthday ever.

Hollyoaks' current transplant storyline: why I am angry.