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The 11th & 12th; Daddy said it was his best birthday ever.

The 11th of June. A really rather positive day. I woke up early but that's neither here nor there, and I took some photos of our cupcakes before Daddy took them to work. First thing I ate was a tiny fresh mini doughnut - breakfast of kings.

I decided to work out this morning because I won't have chance for the next few days, and besides, they're going to be something of a write-off, foodwise. I'm going to have to up my weights or reps as things are getting a bit easy. I do have rock hard abs now though.

After lunch, Mommy and I had chiro appointments, both had bits to crunch. Back in five weeks. Then we went to Sutton and Tesco to get food for tea and some chocolate and whiskey for Daddy. Oh and Jelly Babies. They were a bitch to wrap.

We have now iced Daddy's proper birthday cake and it is sitting in the fridge until tomorrow. It was a bit like plastering a wall. A wall that is round. It is going to be delicious though. Well, I'll be very disappointed if it isn't because it looks great.

Daddy came back from work with banners, cards and wine so he's had a jolly day. Tomorrow is going to be fun!

The 12th of June.

Happy 60th Birthday Daddy!

It has been a lovely day. We had to go out at about ten, but first we gave Daddy his presents and cards. His proper present will be either a night at the opera or a lawnmower, or something else of equal value that he might prefer. This morning I just gave him a box of Jelly Babies, some Bendicks mints and nice chocolate.

After breakfast, we went out to the Cotswolds Falconry Centre to fly some birds! We got there a little bit early so went and had coffee, then went over to the falconry bit. Our session started at 12:30, and it was just the three of us. A man called Chris appeared and first we all held a falcon which was easy and quite light, then I think we had a kestrel, then an owl called Desmond who was really chatty. I like him. Then we went out to the field to fly a hawk! He did not stay on your hand for long so we all had a few goes, but Daddy got more because it's his special day. It would fly off into a tree, then as soon as Chris got out the chick leg, it was on you. And he made it fly over our heads! The tail feathers whapped me on the forehead. We trudged back up the field, avoiding the deer poo, then I needed to do a lot of breathing. As a special treat, Chris let us hold the bald eagle, although I needed some assistance as he's rather heavy! At the end, there was a flight display but there was no wind so they did not really want to fly. By the end, we were all quite warm and sleepy, so we drove into Moreton-in-Marsh where we had tea and enormous sandwiches, then it was time to go if we were going to pick Christine up from New Street on time. When we all got home, there was just time to have some birthday cake, get changed and go out to Simpson's for dinner.

It was totally amazing. The only downside was that the fire alarm kept going off because the kitchen was too hot, but they opened all the windows and it was fine. Christine and I both had mackerel to start, then I had the beef, and there was bone marrow which I have always felt squeamish and apprehensive about in the past, just because. I shouldn't have been; it was deep-fried and utterly delicious. The cheek just melted and the fillet was perfect. For pudding, I had "chocolate", and it came with a warm raspberry sauce which melted the chocolate sphere and revealed nougat, raspberry jelly, raspberries, crunchy chocolate, chocolate mousse and crumbly cookie cake. Oh my God.

I think by the time we got home, we all just really needed to lie down.

Daddy said it was his best birthday ever.


Daddy made a bird friend. This is Desmond.


Me and the eagle! (I'll upload more photos to flickr another day.)


The humongous sandwich.

photo 3

Chicago Fudge Cake.

photo 5

What I wore to dinner.

photo 4

Basil, melon, feta.

photo 1

Mackerel, cauliflower salad, quail eggs, parsley.

photo 2

Beef, cheek and fillet, bone marrow, asparagus, parmesan, olives.

photo 3

Elderflower, cassis, watermelon and lime.

photo 4


Daddy's 60th Birthday photos!

The 9th & 10th; A day of victories!