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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 1st & 2nd; I feel rather off-colour and a bit like crying for no discernible reason.

The 1st of June. I am feeling a bit fragile tonight. I didn't have a good night - I remember being awake at three am and having bad dreams that have thankfully not stuck with me. We went out at half past ten to watch the Easts and James and Joely in the fun run, but we ended up seeing quite a few more people! I met Sophie's neighbour who made me the amazing chocolate cake last year, and while we were waiting, we saw Milo go through, then Chris and Jamie, James, Trine, Joely and eventually Jonathan appeared and Becky jogged along with him to the finish.

When we'd seen everyone, Mommy and I came back home and I finally had some coffee which I rather desperately needed. After lunch, I decided to work out because my body needed to do something. So that's what I did this afternoon!

My tongue hurts quite a lot and my skin is flaring but I have GvHD clinic tomorrow and hopefully something will be done.

The 2nd of June.

I don't know if it's the Zopiclone I had last night or the cumulative effect of weeks of a dodgy mouth and skin but I feel rather off-colour and a bit like crying for no discernible reason.

I got up after a good ten hours of sleep still not feeling properly rested, and waited for Mommy to come back from the dentist so she could put steroid cream on my back as it's flaring. It's okay though 'cause we had GvH clinic this afternoon.

Or so I thought. We rocked up early for my 3 o'clock appointment, I got weighed, then I spent two and a half hours reading two magazine and listening to music. We noticed none of the usual GvH doctors were around, and after a short discussion, we determined that nobody there could actually really help with any of my current problems, and we might as well just leave. We did see Jane who assists Andy Toogood so I've got an appointment to see him on Wednesday morning. Upon our departure, I did speak to Dave who confirmed that this wasn't GvH clinic and they hadn't got me booked in, which was utterly contrary to what we knew when we booked this at my last clinic.

So what a totally fruitless day.

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My skin is misbehaving.

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Chris and Jamie.

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The 3rd & 4th; And now I'm back on steroids.

The 30th & 31st; Oh fuck, my lips itch like crazy.