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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 26th & 27th; God I love Christmas cake.

The 26th of December. For the first time in ages, I was sleeping really well, then the app on my phone that I use to track my sleep decided that eight hours of sleep was enough and it was all very loud. So I got up at twenty to nine and was promptly visited by the cat, who is trouble because he stood in one of the Christmas cakes. Thankfully it was the secondary one.

I spent my morning writing about yesterday and trying to get on the Mulberry app/website, which according to Twitter, had been having issues since last night. Mommy went to get Grandma again, Daddy went out on his bike and Oscar was sick.

We had Boxing Day lunch of hare at about two, and we had the Christmas pudding today, which Daddy ended up finding disappointing. I had ice cream. In between courses, I managed to get on the Mulberry site, and had an adrenaline-fuelled few minutes of sale rush. I got a slate blue grainy Del Rey that I've wanted for over a year, so I win!

I wrote up a blog this afternoon, then I started reading The October List. It's weird because it's backwards but it's good - I'm nearly halfway through already! I also went over to the Easts' to see the painting James did for Becky and watch him attempt to fly his helicopter. It's not going well. The painting is really good though!

Now I've just had a small dinner of meats, cheeses and bread and Christmas cake. God I love Christmas cake.

The 27th of December.

Another decent sleep! Maybe this will continue. I hope so. Being knackered all the time is very dull.

Most of my day was spent with words - I wrote up my blog post of Christmas day, then spent much of the afternoon finishing The October List. Jeffery Deaver is so good. Clever man. So now I'm finishing Alex by Pierre Lemaitre. I have ordered seven books from Waterstones so I need to rattle through several books I've started. January is going to be an intense reading month, which I think will be good for me. I watch too much tv.

I've put on a pound and a half this week which is good! I'm nearly back at the weight I was pre-cholangitis. Speaking of livers, one of the surgeons at the QE apparently branded a patient with his initials? Thankfully, it's not one I've ever had or even met.

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The 28th & 29th; Cinnabuuuun.

The 25th; I am the luckiest.