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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 19th & 20th; I love my big sister.

The 19th of December. Well I woke up at three, was awake for a few hours, then I think I had maybe two hours more that took me to about eight. My body overrode the steroids.

This morning I finished wrapping all my presents - I was supposed to meet Sam for lunch but he was poorly so we postponed. Mommy went to town to do the shopping she would have done while I ate, and I did some iPadmin.

I had a muffin for breakfast! First time in weeks. It was a great novelty, to change from porridge.

And I've had two mysteries today - first was an envelope from Handsworth - what were school sending me? A Christmas card from Mrs. Wager! Random, but very kind. And a cute one from Rachel!

The other mystery was an enormous box I have been sent from Kirstie Tancock who sends people "hospital survival kits". I can't even list everything in there but let's just say I was overwhelmed. Gobsmacked. Shaking.

Today has been the sixth anniversary of my first bone marrow transplant. Mommy bought me the owl charm for my Pandora, because Christine likes owls. I love my big sister. She doesn't know how wonderful she is.

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The 20th of December.

Ugh I am really tired. Plus I think my tac level might be high as I've been feeling a bit shaky and weird so I won't take that tonight. I might take some lorazepam tomorrow night if I still feel this weary. I woke up at a relatively late five o'clock today too. Gah.

This morning we changed my arm dressing and Anne-Marie came to flush my line which worked fine; always a relief.

This afternoon, Lauren came over! She finally got to meet Oscar (on his 19th/93rd birthday no less) and he decided she was acceptable. We swapped presents (she gave me chocolate, some pretty earrings and Christmas pug socks!), then we ordered pizza from Domino's and watched The Grinch. Tiny Taylor Momsen is vastly entertaining.Then there was angst at DPD as they were shit at delivering and responding to queries (the man arrived 1 1/2 hours after the end of his 1 hour window that I was told) and no apology; it was pathetic.

I got a lovely surprise Christmas card from The Glee Club today! They have given me a voucher for two tickets for any show I choose! Bless them. I've booked for a few things and had to cancel 'cause I've been in hospital and I think that's why.

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The 21st & 22nd; I wish this wasn't happening to me.

The 17th & 18th; Lorazepam isn't an option for a while.