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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 18th & 19th; As if I've been in a car crash.

The 18th & 19th; As if I've been in a car crash.

The 18th of September. 

I was able to get out of bed without any intervention this morning. I am not good, but I am better than yesterday. 

I didn't have to go anywhere today, so I've spent a lot of time in my armchair, feet up, being cosy. Mommy was out at her pre-op clinic, so today Daddy was sent round the corner to buy coffee. I drank that as I put together my next late blog post, and let the lawyers in the Supreme Court burble away in the background. 

When Mommy returned, we had lunch, then she went to Grandma's and Daddy went to Loughborough, leaving me to my own devices (having made sure I had everything I needed). I watched an episode of The Blacklist, then I turned off the TV so I could spend some time working on something I've been writing. I can't concentrate properly if there's noise. I did that until Mommy came back, and I was about to start trying on some more warm trousers with her help when Christine rang. She and Mommy had just got talking when the doorbell rang, but I couldn't go and answer it because of my state of mid-undress, so she gave the phone to me and went to get it. It was Alison with Harry, so I told Christine we'd call her back. 

Harry was very eager to show off his strength and standing abilities, and we learned that he has actually been crawling! He is only seven months old! Such a clever baby. However, he was also very keen to do an enormous poo, and once he'd done that he was less welcome, so he and his grandma went home, and I go back to trying on my trousers and talking to Christine. 

I really can't wait to go to the chiro tomorrow. I don't know quite how we're going to facilitate whatever needs doing but I don't care; it will help. 

The 19th of September. 

This feels better. 

This morning, I was at the chiro at quarter past eleven. We took the oxygen, because I am needing it when I climb the stairs, or come back from the bathroom. I went in to see Trine, who asked what had brought me in so early, and I explained in brief what had happened, how my entire torso has jarred. I lay down on my front (my knees will hurt no matter my position), and she felt through everything. When she got my lower spine, she audibly gasped, which she has never done before, no matter how bad I've thought it is. She did as much as she could without causing too much discomfort, and she wants to see me again next week. She said it's almost as if I've been in a car crash, and the impact is making its way through the body. I'm on the cancellation list. 

After that, we went to Black Sheep to see if they could wash and blow dry my hair, because I can't do any of that at my moment with my knees in this state. Booked in with Michaela tomorrow morning to do that, so that's that sorted. 

Finally, trip to the GP because once again they have fucked up my prescription, so we've had to discuss that. Told them what needs to be done, and they said a doctor would ring me. 

Back home, about to start eating my soup, and the doctor rings. We discussed what I needed (it is regarding my eye drops) and she seemed to take it all in, so I hoped that would fix the issue and went back to my lunch. 

This afternoon, I watched three episodes of How to Get Away With Murder, and did a cry in the second, even Oliver sang All Of Me to Connor. A happy cry, because it was nice, and it was a happy moment in what is often otherwise a very bleak programme! 

When Mommy came back from Grandma's (and M&S and the GP), she relayed the fact that the doctor had got one of the items on the prescription right, but not the other. I don't understand why they can't do it. My consultant spells it out for them in a letter. Yet they cannot replicate that for a pharmacist. So we have to go back to the GP tomorrow and hope they've managed to rectify the issue!

We have changed my dressings for the first time today. They look okay! The right knee isn't going to close up the whole way but that was obvious from the beginning. The swelling is still ridiculous. Just absolutely huge. There is some bruising visible, but it's all contained around the wound site. Maybe once the swelling goes down, it might come out more. It's so bad that normally my right leg is slightly bigger than my left, but currently the left looks bigger than the right. God knows how much extra fluid is in there at the moment. 

The 20th & 21st; Nothing left inside me.

The 20th & 21st; Nothing left inside me.

The 16th & 17th; It just hurts so much.

The 16th & 17th; It just hurts so much.