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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 31st & 1st; I got there!

The 31st & 1st; I got there!

The 31st of August. 

Finally not sleepy! Maybe because I have actually done physical activity today, my body has woken up. 

Wasn't very awake first thing though, because I was very confused when I put Channel 4 on at half past nine to find The Simpsons was on, until I realised that it was in fact Saturday, so there wouldn't be any Sunday Brunch. 

Once I'd got the hang of what day it was, I spent my morning writing up a blog post and watching The Princess and the Frog on BBC2. I had considered painting my nails, but it was going to take too long to be finished and dry by lunchtime. 

This afternoon, I went to the gym. Three o'clock is obviously the time to go for me, because I can't go earlier and be done before the two o'clock window begins. So nice and empty! I had a great start, doing my hand-cycling for fifteen minutes. That is my cardio, and normally I only do it for ten, but today I thought I would try for fifteen. Obviously if I felt awful I was going to stop, but I just got to ten and kept going, taking each minute as it came, closing my eyes, listening to the music. And I got there! I was a bit knackered by the end, but so pleased with myself. 

The rest of my workout was much of a muchness, except for the unnecessary thrusting that happened to my left in short shorts while I was doing my crunches. Done by the same man who was previously doing handstands and cartwheels. Just all of his gym behaviour is very inappropriate. At least he wears pants, unlike one of the men at Fitness First. 

The 1st of September. 

Well, I feel a hell of a lot better now than I did when I got up this morning. I woke up at half past three, having been awake before then and been cold, so I'd put my blanket on. At half three, I was really warm, but didn't want to take the blanket off. Eventually (after about an hour) I decided I must be too warm, or I would have gone back to sleep, so I took the blanket off, but I still felt too warm. I kept pulling the duvet down, trying to let the cool air in, but it just wasn't happening. I also started to worry that all of this temperature wackiness meant that I was brewing some sort of minor illness, which didn't help with the going back to sleep. 

All of this meant I didn't really go back to sleep at all, but by the time my alarm went off, I had at least got my temperature sorted. I was really trembly, wobbly and hungry though, plus obviously so tired and my back was a disaster zone. I decided I couldn't quite face getting dressed, so I stayed in my pyjamas all morning. 

Thankfully, Sunday Brunch had a decent line up, and apart from the horror that was making my coffee (exhaustion + back agony), I had rather a reasonable time watching them make all the nice food. I also did the nail-painting that didn't get done yesterday, including a dramatic moment when I dropped the top coat on my dressing gown but it landed sideways so not too much spilled out. 

I had a boiled egg and soldiers for lunch, the official food of people who aren't very well, and I think that boosted me up to feeling able to cope with washing my hair. I wanted to do it today, in case it needed dyeing again before Wednesday, but happily, it seems we don't need to spend Tuesday morning doing that. 

After that, I finally got dressed, then had some Dark Time, during which I think I had some semblance of a small nap. I came back downstairs at about four, so I went to spend some time with the kitty. She just sat at my feet and looked up at me, which means "I want to play", so I got the fish on a stick out and we played with that for about forty five minutes until she finally got bored, and I had to leave her to do another eye drop. I tried putting the fish away at one point, but she sat and stared at the drawer until I got it out again. She will be the sort of cat that works out where her food is kept, then go and eat it all when her owners are out. 

The 2nd & 3rd; There's no one there!

The 2nd & 3rd; There's no one there!

The 29th & 30th; It is so fucked up.

The 29th & 30th; It is so fucked up.