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The 15th & 16th; They were very well-behaved.

The 15th & 16th; They were very well-behaved.

 The 15th of May.

I set my alarm for eight this morning because the roof men were coming back. I was glad I did, because I could hear them above my ceiling very promptly and if that had woken me up it would have been pretty terrifying.

After I'd written a blog post, I went to watch an episode of Lucifer with the kittens, then I made a dog leg. That sounds like a metaphor, but it's not.

Lunch, then I had a trip to the hygienist. Very dental week for Kathryn. Sandra was very happy with my cleaning; no bleeding so carry on as I am. I got a bit unhappy when my lips got too stretched - my mouth is deceptively small! I know, shocking.

Back home, more Lucifer with sleepy kittens and another dog leg. We're off to the vet tomorrow for first vaccinations. Getting them all into the carrier is going to be an exercise.

The 16th of May.

Well, it's been rather a good day. Up a bit early again, because we had the kittens booked in at Lydon's at ten. Any worries about the carrier were unfounded, because they just walked straight in! And they were very well-behaved once there; the vet kept talking about what good kittens they were. We had to get them all out to tell them apart, and handily there was a work experience girl in, so we all held a kitten with one in the carrier, and we sort of rotated through them, everybody getting weighed, checked and having an injection. We're taking them back on Tuesday for neutering and chipping.

When we got back, I made the ears and the tail of the Bichon Frise, so next I can assemble him and get him to Jenny. Also, my copy of the new Jeffery Deaver book arrived, which I had forgotten was coming so that was a lovely surprise.

This afternoon, I sat with a sleepy Fabio on my lap and watched the Riverdale finale (insane), the new iZombie (Weevil!), and two more episodes of Lucifer.

And I've got my trains booked for the next Anthony Nolan summer reception at Parliament. Who will be the Tory leader frontrunner by then? There is no good option.

The 17th & 18th; All the pretty dresses.

The 17th & 18th; All the pretty dresses.

The 13th & 14th; Three sleepy kittens.

The 13th & 14th; Three sleepy kittens.