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The 9th & 10th; Baby floofs!

The 9th & 10th; Baby floofs!

 The 9th of May.

Had a little lie in this morning after my late night at the Glee. In a nice surprise, Denise and Stu were there, so we got to catch up (they've been even more busy than me!), and in the interval and at the end I dashed back to the dressing room to hang out with Suzi and Jenny which was lovely. I am now going to be crocheting Jenny a Bichon Frise because she has one, and there isn't a pattern for one of them on a jumper. Haven't done a really fluffy dog yet so it's going to be interesting!

This morning, I did a blog post, then checked the pattern for the Bichon Frise. I want to finish the cat blanket first, then I'll start the dog. So the rest of my day has been spent knitting! I've used up all the pink wool and started on the cream. I think I could probably finish it today. It's definitely wide enough, but I think it needs to be longer to be a decent size. I need to text Shaki to find out how the kittens got on at the vet tonight in case we need to be ready tomorrow. Baby floofs!

The 10th of May.

This is going to be a short one because I have had one main activity today: staring at kittens.

Shaki came at about ten, straight from the vet with five little black floofs. They all had collars with their names on, and we've got Frankie (used to be Frank until Shaki found out she was a she), Faith, Fabio, Fabian and Faraday. They're pretty friendly, so we got to pet them all prior to putting them in the cage.

I managed to get Frankie back out and we've made friends, then Fabio, but then he did a small wee on me so I popped him back in the litter tray and went to get changed. Sigh!

By then it was lunchtime, so we ate, then I spent my entire afternoon finishing season one of Lucifer and trying to find distinguishing marks to photograph and make notes of. I've got to rely on those now, because all the collars are off. Frankie even fell asleep on me at one point and I really didn't want to move her but I did have to pee and I was in quite a lot of pain from sitting on the floor. It is not good for my back or my butt.

Not so short after all. Grace Petrie tonight!

The 11th & 12th; Kittens are on the loose.

The 11th & 12th; Kittens are on the loose.

The 7th & 8th; Totally worth it.

The 7th & 8th; Totally worth it.