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The 21st & 22nd; I am so full of chocolate.

The 21st & 22nd; I am so full of chocolate.

 The 21st of April.

I am so full of chocolate.

I woke up to the smell of fresh pastries baking in the oven, because Mommy had put the skills she learned at the viennoiserie course to good use. They were huge though, so I could only eat half of my pain au chocolat.

I have spent my day finishing the first sleeve (it seems to have taken forever?) in front of the TV and trying to eat as much chocolate as possible without making my stomach sad. I managed one of my large Lindt bunnies (I have two Lindt eggs which came with bunnies, plus an extra bunny, so in total I had eleven bunnies), and I've had to eat four Rennies. We watched the first two episodes of The Moomins which made us really cross because they have just made Little My absolutely insufferable. At one point Christine wanted me to stop it but I convinced her it would be okay in the end.

Then I watched the Baywatch movie which was great fun and I really enjoyed everyone's lovely physiques. Zac Efron employed some very impressive upper body strength.

Fun fact: I cannot actually see the words I'm writing clearly but I am trusting they are the right shapes and on the lines.

The 22nd of April.

There is a downside to this much chocolate. I don't think I'll be putting my jeans back on for some time. Or maybe I'll have to start doing some exercise? Get the weights and yoga mat back out.

I have done less knitting today, purely because I have run out of wool. I have ordered some more, but until that arrives, my jumper is on hold. I've pinned out the front and back and it looks very pretty. Ice cream colours.

I then decided I really ought to finish my book (I Can't Believe You Just Said That! by Danny Wallace). It is kind of frightening, the impact of even small acts of rudeness can have, the ripple effect on people who just witness it. I think everyone should read it, and then try to keep its lessons in mind.

This afternoon, I went to sit with Falcon and I watched Flatliners (the new one). It had been on my list of NowTV for a while, and it's always better to watch a scary film with a cat friend. Not that it was actually scary, but best to err on the side of caution. He kept to form by farting multiple times. Exploiting my need for affection by sitting on my lap and then creating noxious odours. Prick.

The 23rd & 24th; They'll know if I stop breathing.

The 23rd & 24th; They'll know if I stop breathing.

The 19th & 20th; Rather the worse for wear.

The 19th & 20th; Rather the worse for wear.