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The 11th & 12th; He's very purry and friendly.

The 11th & 12th; He's very purry and friendly.

 The 11th of April.

Today did not get off to a great start, because I woke up at eight, couldn't go back to sleep, and everyone in the radio was being irritating, so I just got up.

I wrote up a blog post, then I had a chat with the new Volunteer Manager at Anthony Nolan about my role as an ambassador and what I might do in future. I am supposed to be helping out at the London Marathon, but nothing's been confirmed yet so she's going to chase that up with the events team and get back to me.

At half twelve, Daddy took me to town so I could meet Sadie for pudding! It took me a long time to choose, and she ended up having a non-pudding - chicken tikka on a waffle. I had a milk chocolate cookie dough with Oreo gelato and tiny fudge pieces. It was delicious, and not so much food that I felt uncomfortable. Good choice, me! I got the update on her love life (I have one vicariously through her) and I told her about the kitty that was coming today.

We eventually left when lots of youths arrived, and we went to Foyles where I bought a book about how to sketch and one by Gemma Correll on drawing kitties. Then it was time to go home, where I found Falcon who had been dropped off by Shaki. He's very purry and friendly and likes to knead my jeans. He's only staying for a week though. Boo.

The 12th of April.

Another not good start! Had to open a new lip balm, so got one out of the drawer, opened up the package and found that it smelled absolutely disgusting. I had a look at Nivea's Twitter and it looks like they've had to reply to a few upset customers to explain that they've changed the formula to contain these foul-smelling waxes and oils. Got a Neutrogena one from round the corner which is okay, so my lips are protected once more.

Had a little chat with the kitty this morning, but spent the majority of it working out how I was going to do an increase in the next jumper pattern I want to make, and looking up a couple of stitches that I haven't done before. Rosemary came for lunch at twelve, and I showed her all my dog jumpers which she was very impressed with (especially the sausage dog, natch). Mommy had made some soup and cheese scones, which I ate in the living room while watching Frankie Boyle, and they ate at the dining table like civilised people.

I then went to pee and got squawked at through the toilet door, so I ate my slice of lemon drizzle cake and went to sit with the kitty. I had not seen any of Fleabag, and everyone I know loves it, so I watched the whole first series with young Falcon by my side. He likes to squeeze himself into small spaces. And yes of course I think it's brilliant and I'm a moron for not having watched it before.

The 13th & 14th; Really want a lovely priest.

The 13th & 14th; Really want a lovely priest.

The 9th & 10th; So pleased.

The 9th & 10th; So pleased.