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The 4th & 5th; She is barely audible.

The 4th & 5th; She is barely audible.

 The 4th of March.

Mommy is not very well. We think Daddy brought some germs home with him last week, and he generously shared them with her. She was a bit cough-y yesterday, and today she has no voice. We can communicate, but she's barely audible. I'm really hoping I'm able to stay free of it.

This morning, I wrote up a blog post, then had a hairwash. It needs colouring, which is going to happen next week, and now I don't need to wash it again before I go to Black Sheep, which is a good thing because I think another shampoo would leave me looking very dull indeed. I need to decide what colours I want. I then finished the second sleeve of the jumper (didn't quite get it done last night), and this afternoon I pinned them both out so I can start putting it together tomorrow.

Once that was done, I put on a couple of episodes of The Walking Dead and decided which dog I'm going to do next. I have picked the French Bulldog, so I then ordered the wool for that and typed up a written pattern for the dog part. I've still got to do the collar of the schnauzer jumper, and I'm really hoping I've got enough wool.

The 5th of March.

On boy, my back is bad tonight. I've been sewing up my jumper, and I haven't got my posture right for that yet. So fucking bad.

I woke up at five this morning and couldn't really go back to sleep properly, so I'm a bit pooped this evening. After breakfast, Mommy ironed the pieces of my jumper (she was able to do it by herself!) and I sewed up the raglan seams. By the time I'd got that done, we had to eat lunch early and get the taxi I'd booked to take us to the QE. Mommy had an appointment to see the hand physio, and I had one fifteen minutes later with Miss Byrom at the Women's.

I was there early, but I got some of my book read and it meant I got seen as soon as the clinic started. I explained to her what happened last year, hence why I hadn't been doing the dilators lately, which she understood.

It turns out that hasn't made a huge difference, but I should probably start doing them once or twice a week again and begin the extra estrogen, especially before my coil gets changed under epidural next year.

We got a cab back home, but that was a palaver. TOA state on their website that all their cabs are wheelchair accessible, so when I made the booking I didn't feel it necessary to tell them I was in one (I never have and it's always been fine). When the car arrived, the man said he couldn't take me because his car didn't have a ramp. Therefore, the website is factually inaccurate. He phoned their office, who then phoned me and had a go at me for not telling them, and they said that despite their claim, some of the drivers are medically exempt from taking wheelchairs, whatever that means. Even though that doesn't apply to the man that came to me. And they did not seem interested in the fact that their website is clearly misleading if that's the case. Anyway, another one came, and when we got back I picked up all the stitches round the neckline to do the ribbing there. Just have to finish the other seams, then I am done!

Pancakes for tea, yesss.

The 6th & 7th; My throat felt like it was full of knives.

The 6th & 7th; My throat felt like it was full of knives.

The 2nd & 3rd; A visit from one of my favourite boys.

The 2nd & 3rd; A visit from one of my favourite boys.