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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 26th & 27th; Good and squidgy.

The 26th & 27th; Good and squidgy.

 The 26th of February.

Happy Birthday Mommy!

I was up at eight for the chiro at ten, but before we went, I had time to give her her card and her present of the pan that she had asked for.

The chiro was very painful. I sit up and tense my back and neck when I'm knitting, so it suffered quite a lot. My back was not too terrible, but my neck was awful. It was so knotty, and she was having to knead them incredibly hard. I put the ice pack on when I got home.

Before that, Daddy took me to the gym so it could quit. I can only just climb the stairs at home, so I don't think I can see myself working out there ever again. Certainly not upstairs, and that is where I do most of my activity.

We were going to Miller & Carter for lunch, so we picked up Grandma on the way. We had a nice table with a good view of the lake, I had a glass of wine, then I had beef and some more beef.  It was good beef, although it was very filling. We did not have pudding.

This afternoon, after taking Grandma back home, we had a visit from Becky, James and Harry! I had all of the cuddles today - he just lay on my lap, gurgled and slept. He is getting good and squidgy and I love him.

The 27th of February.

And we're on our own again.

This morning, we got Daddy to do all the things we needed him to before going back to Wales. Most importantly (for me), he put the wheelchair up so I can use it tomorrow to go to hospital for lung function tests at 8.15am. Not looking forward to that.

I weighed out what wool I needed for the schnauzer, then I set to work creating him on the front of the jumper. That has been my sole activity of the day, and therefore my back is excruciating. I think after dinner I will get the ice pack out again.

This afternoon, I watched three episodes of The Walking Dead, because I haven't seen any for a few days. I'm nearly halfway through season seven now, so I think I could get caught up by the end of March, when it disappears from NowTV once more.

I am very tired and I do not want to get up at six tomorrow but I must. Stupid tests.

The 28th & 1st; Marginally better.

The 28th & 1st; Marginally better.

The 24th & 25th; It is a monumental task.

The 24th & 25th; It is a monumental task.