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The 18th & 19th; My pretend nephew.

The 18th & 19th; My pretend nephew.

 The 18th of February.

This morning, I had some Cats Protection admin to do (and discovered we'd had a cat in branch called Pete which I find very funny), I wrote up a blog post, then trawled the internet to find something to make for Sadie's dad (I said I would make him a present and she's coming round tomorrow). Eventually I settled on a mini manatee, which I have made before so knew would work. That didn't take long, because it is very mini, so this afternoon I could continue the sleeves of my jumper. I did that while watching the beginning of season seven of The Walking Dead (having skipped the first couple of episodes). I did not want to watch Glenn get his head smashed in. I have very conflicting feelings about Jeffery Dean Morgan because he's so hot but Negan is so awful.

The 19th of February.

I have had an excellent day.

This morning, I did a bit of knitting, working on the second sleeve of my jumper. Sadie was coming round at lunchtime for us to finally eat pizza and cookies (now my liver can cope with the fats), so we communicated throughout the morning via text so I could order the Domino's for when she arrived. She had had a traumatic time, having been followed by a creepy man, so baked goods were very important.

When she got here, I gave her a big hug, and she elaborated on what had happened. A man had seen her walking home for the gym, followed her in his car, then parked it and got out to try to talk to her. After her clear attempts to end the conversation, he only left when she said she was spoken for. Why do men do this? Why do they think it is going to end well for them? It is not flattering, it is just terrifying! We do not like it.

The pizza arrived, and we wanted a film to watch that we didn't have to concentrate on. Rampage seemed like a good fit - Dwayne Johnson saving the world from giant, gene-edited animals? Yes please. We ate and talked and I gave her the mini manatee for Poppa Chana. She loved him but had already told her dad of his existence so couldn't keep him, and I'm going to make her a narwahl with an ice cream cone for a horn.

She had to go home to do some marking, because despite having finished her PhD, she does still have other work to do, so for the rest of the afternoon, I finished off the sleeve while watching some Buffy.

This evening, James came to pick us up to take us to Good Hope to visit Becky and their new son! He was born on Sunday, in a somewhat stressful fashion, but now he is up on a ward with Becky, and so we were able to go and see them there before they come home and everybody else descends on them. He is so gorgeous and tiny! I held him, and would happily have done so for hours, but I made sure to give Mommy a turn. I will get many opportunities to squidge him. Any day I get to hold/squidge/play with a baby is a great day, and this being my pretend nephew, it is fantastic. So happy.

The 20th & 21st; He is done!

The 20th & 21st; He is done!

The 16th & 17th; You do not test my mother.

The 16th & 17th; You do not test my mother.