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The 1st & 2nd; Happy New Year!

The 1st & 2nd; Happy New Year!

 The 1st of January.

Happy New Year!

I love getting to start a new diary, and Moleskine decided to make Little Prince ones again this year, so I am doubly happy.

I slept in a little, just until half past nine, but I'm still a bit a weary, even after my second coffee. I have to start my sleep diary today for Dr. Madathil, so I have to write them down, along with any alcohol or naps I have, plus what time I go to bed, when I fall asleep, if I wake up at all, when I wake properly, the quality of my sleep...so much stuff. 

I've mainly been knitting and watching animated films. My practise jumper is going well; nice and even. It's slow, but that's always the case with things like this. Still, sitting quietly in front of the television with a wintry activity is just what January is for.

Grandma came for lunch again, but only lunch. She didn't want to get totally exhausted again. She's got a week to recover before her birthday. 90 years old!

Now we are gathered around the fire, watching the World's Strongest Man final, then later we have Bake Off and Luther. It's a good start.

The 2nd of January.

Oh, no. Mommy picked up a cough/cold when she went for her surgery, and it seems I've caught the cough part. I woke up this morning with a scratchy throat and no matter how much water I drink, it won't settle down. I've also get a pathetic, tickly cough which is most frustrating.

Daddy took Christine home today, so Mommy and I had to fend for ourselves. We managed, mainly because there was very little for us to do. We have both been fairly stationary all day; her reading, me knitting and watching Netflix/NowTV. Unfortunately most of the good Christmas tv is over, so today I saw the first pair of episodes from the new season of A Series of Unfortunate Events, then A Wrinkle in Time.

I have at least made good progress on my practise jumper. I've realised I'm actually making a child's one, not a baby one, which was not the smartest choice but never mind. I am just making something slightly bigger than I planned.

My throat is so scratchy, it does not bode well for my sleep diary.

The 3rd & 4th; I am full of snot.

The 3rd & 4th; I am full of snot.

The 30th & 31st; Come at me, 2019.

The 30th & 31st; Come at me, 2019.