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The 13th & 14th; I am a sucker.

The 13th & 14th; I am a sucker.

 The 13th of December.

I have finished! Well, essentially. Technically, I still have to put buttons on, but they didn't come in today's post like I hoped. Anyway, I've finally tidied all the ends that required it and I am happy.

This morning, I got a bit of the crochet done while Mommy was briefly out, but the bulk was done after lunch in the back room. I also wrote up a blog post and delighted a delivery man with my festive trousers.

During my afternoon of tedious crochet admin, I was going to watch some more Walking Dead, but Amazon Prime was having some sort of fit. Instead, I watched the Christmas stop-motion episode of Community, then Die Hard. I've never seen it and I thought it would probably be fun. I  appreciated what I felt was a realistic amount of swearing, because I think in most films, people would actually be saying fuck a lot more were it real.

Now I am leafing through the Radio Times and working out what is on when. They're are many excellent films on this year! I'm going to need some sort of spreadsheet.

The 14th of December.

Christmas shopping day!

Down to London and back again. We arrived at Euston just before noon, and got a taxi to Selfridges. We had a very lovely, chatty cabbie who was needing ideas for his wife's Christmas presents, and he informed us that the Euston taxi rank is changing and soon it will be in front of the station instead of below. Good to know.

At Selfridges, we went straight up to the fourth floor to get some lunch, and chose Café Élan, mainly because they had table service and neither of us can deal with a tray at the moment. I had a very nice coffee, then eggs benedict and Mommy had a Sicilian chicken sandwich. Really good! I would recommend it. Plus it is very pretty.

We looked around the Christmas shop, but the only thing I bought was a little sloth called Cecil dressed as Santa because it was really soft and cute and I am a sucker. They also had pugs in lots of different outfits but they all looked really sad! Poor pugs. Then we went down to the food hall where I bought some rainbow bagels (again, sucker = me) and a cinnamon scroll for later. That was all we wanted there, so next we were off to Liberty!

Going round the Christmas shop there is always tricky because there is very little space, and to see all the decorations you have to go in a very slow circle like it's a weird museum. Anyway, I bought one little decoration of a robin outside a bird box, then we went to the haberdashery. I went round stroking all the nice wool, and found possibly the best book in the world called Dogs on Jumpers so as soon as I can knit I am making all of those.

From there, we made our way to our final destination of Fortnum and Mason. Even worse than Liberty for the wheelchair. We stayed together to begin with, then I went to find the Buck's Fizz marmalade, only to discover that they have stopped doing it and have made a champagne and orange one instead which is apparently the same but better. However, in doing this, I lost Mommy, and no matter where I went, I couldn't see her. Eventually I phoned her, and thankfully her phone was in her hand so she could answer and found me by the tea. She then went to pay and I stayed where I was for fear of getting lost again, and texted Christine to find out where she was so we could meet up. She had a meeting in London today which finished at half three, which was perfect timing. We decided to meet back at Euston because it was kind of in the middle of us both, and we chose to not bother with a cab because Piccadilly Circus is a horrific place to get one from, and it would probably take the same amount of time as going on foot. However, we did not take into account how cold it was, and despite all my thermal layers, my fingers, toes and nose were so cold I could literally have cried. We found Christine, and got warm beverages to try and heat up my icy hands. She sat with us in the assistance office, and we talked about weekend and Christmas plans until our train arrived at the platform. My bum hurts so much.

The 15th & 16th; Ready to wrap!

The 15th & 16th; Ready to wrap!

The 11th & 12th; I am so close.

The 11th & 12th; I am so close.