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The 9th & 10th; So close!

The 9th & 10th; So close!

 The 9th of December.

Oh I have been productive today.

This morning, after all the coughing (sats were only 88, not good), I wrote up a blog post, then as soon as I'd had lunch I was ready to go and crochet.

I caught up on last night's Strictly, and if Joe and Lauren both make it through to the final I will be absolutely furious. They are quite blatantly not up to the same standard as the others and I feel like only the best people should be in the final? Apparently that is just me.

Then last week's Doctor Who. I think I have finally put my finger on what's annoying me about this series. It's a) they're going really heavy on the "new body" thing and they don't usually and b) there's no real sense of urgency or plot thread running through, they're not saving worlds, and they keep doing things on earth. I am not thrilled.

Finally, I watched The Nightmare Before Christmas because it isn't too Christmassy. It's too early for the really festive films. It was going to be that or Rise of the Guardians. Maybe I'll do that one next and when that finished, I had completed all the pieces of Mommy's present! Now I just have to put it together and do the edging. So close!

The 10th of December.

Today has been a bit less successful.

I think the coughing was slightly less bad today? Maybe I'll see if I need to add another pillow. I'll do anything.

This morning, I didn't do a huge amount except paint my nails, because there wasn't time to do much else before my chiro appointment. Trine had to do some crunching and kneading in my neck, which I was prepared for as I've had to crunch it myself this week. I won't see her now until next year so I'll have to take care of myself over the festive period. I don't think that's going to happen because wrapping is going to be awful for my back.

After lunch, Amanda came round to pick up some Cats Protection forms and we had a bit of a catch up. She was disappointed to find we have no kittens.

When she left, I went to the back room where I did mainly what I call crochet admin, the very boring tying up and tucking in of ends, then I did the first row of the border. Amazingly, that took about three hours. But I've now got nothing on until Friday, so I'll hopefully get it done by then!

I have not bothered keeping up with the news today because it has changed so often. I'll see what it is at bedtime.

The 11th & 12th; I am so close.

The 11th & 12th; I am so close.

The 7th & 8th; Stupid Kathryn.

The 7th & 8th; Stupid Kathryn.