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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 24th & 25th; Zero reduction in my back pain.

The 24th & 25th; Zero reduction in my back pain.


The 24th of July. Yep I am very stiff. My bum and legs are making it difficult to walk.

I had a relatively early start, because I had my appointment with Fiona to have the stitch removed. She took out the knot really quickly, then had a bit more of a dig to get out the stitch embedded in the scab, and she did the same again in another so I'm now sporting two dressings under my sleeve.

On the way home, we made a pit stop in Tesco to get some snacks for me post-workout, some more ice creams (mint Cornettos!) and some Azeera Nitro to try. We bought the Americano and Latte ones, and they are both awful. They do not taste like proper nitro coffee. Do not buy them.

This afternoon, I have written up a blog post, done some research into wools I might use for a dress, and worked on a doily. I'm going to have to unravel the last two rounds I've done because I'm not happy with them and they'll bother me if I don't fix it.

Daddy has had the results of his liver scan and one of the cysts is quite large (8x7x6cm) so he is being referred to the QE. Hopefully he sees one of my friends.

The 25th of July.

I thought I might be back at the gym today but my muscles had other ideas. My gait is still rather cowboy-esque. Plus my abs still hurt when I cough and considering I do that after pretty much every set, I thought I'd wait until tomorrow.

This morning, I got the doily finished. I don't think it will cope with being ironed, so I ordered some blocking boards and pins from Amazon which will come tomorrow so I can stretch it out and steam it if that seems necessary. Now, next time I make a blanket, or something else that has the potential to curl up, I can keep it satisfyingly flat.

Rosemary came for lunch, so I had a chat with her and showed her some of my crocheted garments, because I don't think I'd made any last time she was here.

This afternoon, I watched episodes two and three of Sharp Objects. So far it feels like nothing is really moving forward with the investigation but maybe that isn't the point. Separate to the story, I am amazed by the clever make up of self-harm scars. It really is so skilful and impressive.

I've realised I'm taking the highest possible dose of CBD oil capsules and I've had zero reduction in my back pain. Fuck's sake.

The 26th & 27th; I would have gladly stayed all day for the air-con.

The 26th & 27th; I would have gladly stayed all day for the air-con.

The 22nd & 23rd; They still want her!

The 22nd & 23rd; They still want her!