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Documenting not dying since October 2013.

The 29th & 30th; I write this AT HOME.

The 29th & 30th; I write this AT HOME.


The 29th of May.  Very little to report. Except that the vancomycin and ciprofloxacin appear to have finished! Well, tonight they are not prescribed so presumably they only had it written up until this morning. Which is fine, it means I need literally nothing from the nurses tonight and I can go to bed whenever I want.

When Mommy arrived at 11, we left straight away because the nurse said I didn't need to see any doctors and I didn't need any bloods doing (I thought I did, but she said not). We got home before This Morning had even finished! Amazing. The weather demanded I have beans on toast for lunch, so I ate that while we watched the finale of Project Runway which had been on since I was admitted.

My legs needed shaving if I am to wear a dress on Saturday at the wedding, so this afternoon I had that task to undertake. It wasn't fun, strong smells make my breathing more difficult so I was on three litres of oxygen by the time I was done. Everything is so hard.

We came back to hospital for six o'clock, and it emerged that the phlebotomist had been because I was supposed to have bloods done, so then a doctor had to come and stab me. He had to stab me seven times. For one syringe of blood. My veins just didn't want to play, I was cold, and he had to seriously dig around. I am going to be quite bruised.

Nothing else to say. I can't wait to see the doctors in the morning. I need a plan. I need to go home.

The 30th of May. 

I write this AT HOME. And I don't have to return to hospital tonight, I am going to sleep in my bed and no one is going to take my blood pressure or shout at me about toast and it will be beautiful.

Mostly my day has involved waiting. The doctors turned up just after half ten, just a junior and a medical student (after my notes were found as it seemed they'd gone AWOL) and she was pretty happy to discharge me, considering I'm not on any IVs anymore and my CRP has gone down to 18. However, she needed to talk to Ben about my blood pressure drugs and the rest of my discharge plan before I could actually go home.

He was in coroner's court all morning, so we didn't see him until about two. He is happy to restart my Irbesartan which will be good for my blood pressure, and I'll stay on the voriconazole for a couple of weeks. The PICC will stay in until after I have been deflated because a) it will give them good access for the fun drugs and b) it will be useful if I relapse, so we will have to flush it for a couple of weeks. The only other thing left to sort out was my drugs to take home, and the junior said she'd come back to get a list of what we needed.

She then didn't come back until after four, so we had a very boring afternoon, trying to pass the time. Thankfully Philippa also came to see me, so we had fun, and we finally got to leave just after half past six!

Got a really busy day tomorrow so an early night tonight, but considering I don't have to wait for anything, I think I'll manage. That worst part will be climbing the stairs.

The 2nd & 3rd; I nearly did a cry.

The 2nd & 3rd; I nearly did a cry.

The 23rd to the 28th; BRING IT ON.

The 23rd to the 28th; BRING IT ON.