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The 12th & 13th; "The General."

The 12th & 13th; "The General."


The 12th of November.  So the adoption didn't go ahead last night because the lady's daughter (who was driving her) got stuck at work so they're coming this evening. 

I ended up arriving at the mac before Nish, but I had a nice time with a kitty who was sitting outside courting attention. A very big pretty floofer. 

We met up and went to the theatre, but then had to shout down to someone to let us in. The tech guy materialised and opened the doors, then Nish ran through the music and lighting cues with him before we went to his dressing room. We had tea and talked (inevitably) about Trump, still unable to really comprehend it, then quickly moved onto lighter subjects like Joel going to the jungle, other reality TV shows, the shows of other comics, his mum's appearance on It's Not What You Know, The Outcast Comic, all sorts of junk. I love him, we have such a good time. 

Obviously the show was excellent, and even improved by an appearance from an audience member who called himself "The General" looked like an Asian version of Angelos. He started interjecting in a rather nonsensical manner and ended up closing the first half with an utterly dreadful freestyle rap which rendered us all helpless. Amazing. 

Today has not been as fun. Amy got adopted this morning, which was not easy - she had to be pushed into the carrier. I did chuck a lot of treats in to make it better. I think she'll be fine - happy to get away from the kittens!

I then had the rest of the day to myself, as Mommy and Daddy got invited by Uncle Peter (who is not technically my uncle) to go and see Kiss Me Kate by the WNO so they've been there since lunchtime. I have filled my time crocheting my Christmas scarf, watching Rise of the Guardians and eating chocolate buttons. I also went to give all the kittens a good stroke and a fuss to make sure they were okay, but they don't seem to have noticed Amy's gone. Which is good, to be honest. 

Now just waiting for Ava and Amira's adopter to arrive. I hope someone in the family has an email address. 

The 13th of November. 

Today certainly ended unexpectedly. I sat with Archie this morning because he was making lots of sad noises after his sisters were adopted. We took the cage down, he has been having lots of fun (in between the sad mews) rampaging around the room. 

My back has been terrible since Friday night - I think the seats at the mac are to blame - so I spent my afternoon in a comfortable chair, crocheting things which I then unravelled. I eventually started working on some Christmas baubles, when my phone rang. It was the adopter from last night, and she told me I had to have Ava back because she'd gone mental and taken a chunk out of her finger. I was very taken aback by this, and said I'd have to speak to one of my colleagues and get back to her. I rang Shaki, and we decided she'd come to my house and we'd go and assess the situation together. 

When we arrived, we ascertained what had happened, and made the decision that we would refund their money and take both of the kittens back. (Obviously a lot more than this happened but I can't put it on here. Sorry, I wish I could share!)

Now I have three kittens again, Archie is thrilled to have his pals back, and everything is fine. 

The 14th & 15th; My stupid body.

The 14th & 15th; My stupid body.

The 10th & 11th; Everything was really hard.

The 10th & 11th; Everything was really hard.