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The 3rd & 4th; The pod people in this movie set town.

The 3rd & 4th; The pod people in this movie set town.


The 3rd of July.  I have had better first nights but worse too. My mattress is a tad soft in the middle and I woke up a lot from 5am onwards but I could have not slept at all so I am not complaining. 

I got up once it was a socially acceptable time, and came downstairs to have my Bertinet Bakery pain au chocolat (purchased at Gloucester services) for breakfast, faintly warmed by the microwave that we can't quite figure out. I wrote about yesterday while watching Sunday Brunch, and Mommy went out in search of coffee. She came back with one from Coffee#1 which was of acceptable quality, but I might see if I can find a better one, just on the off chance. 

We had a family trip to Sainsbury's to get some basics in, plus food for dinner. Exciting stuff. Once home, we had lunch, then Mommy and I set off for the station where we were meeting Christine. It was not a delightful journey in the wheelchair, very few smooth surfaces so very bouncy for me. Daddy caught up with us, and we got to the station just in time for Christine's arrival. We went to make our way home, but got split up when Mommy and I went into Boots in search of eye ointment. Long story short, they're getting some Lacrilube in tomorrow, yay! We also went past Coffee#1 so I went in to get a milkshake and a rainbow cookie. The milkshake took ages, and when I asked about it, the woman was very rude and I will not forget that. Not impressed with her at all. 

When we got back, I watched Tsonga beat Isner and ate my cookie, then everybody else went out on another jaunt while I stayed here and crocheted a mouse. Relaxing and productive!

The 4th of July.

It's been a weird day, weather-wise. Grey yet bright, damp air, very low cloud, now evening sunshine. Oh and very chilly wind. 

Same sort of night; I'm obviously sleeping with my mouth slightly open because I keep waking up with a tongue that feels like sandpaper. I had French toast for breakfast, made with brioche from Gloucester services, coffee from Coffee#1, then we went to investigate a town called Poundbury. 

It's all built on land owned by Prince Charles, and according to his principles. It is bizarre, let me tell you. We drove around for ages past loads of houses which all looked the same before we saw any people, and that was just a man looking at us through the window. It was like he was about to call up the rest of the pod people in this movie set town and shout OUTSIDERS! BURN THEM!

Even the children on the swings were creepy. We did speak to one of the pod people, a lady in a wheelchair who wanted to talk about mine, and we discussed disability assessments. She seemed quite normal but that could all just be part of the plan, lull us into a false sense of security. It reminded me a bit of the radio sitcom, Welcome to our Village, Please Invade Carefully, where a village is taken over by an alien and he's put a force field around it to stop anyone leaving and making the rest of the world forget about them. 

We went to a small café for lunch which happened to be cheffed by Mat Follas from Masterchef, and I had to a very tasty crab sandwich with a green apple and pear smoothie. Then we decided we'd pretty much seen it all, so returned home. 

This afternoon, we went to pick up the Lacrilube which had not arrived yet, then had coffee, tea and cake while watching all the small dogs go by. 

The 5th & 6th; It has been a beautiful day.

The 5th & 6th; It has been a beautiful day.

The 1st & 2nd; Let the relaxing commence.

The 1st & 2nd; Let the relaxing commence.